The Serpent and the Wings of Night: Book Review

By Kathy

Title: The Serpent and the Wings of Night
Author : Carissa Broadbent
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Adult
Series: Crowns of Nyaxia #1
Next in Series: Six Scorched Roses (#1.5), The Ashes and the Star-Cursed King (#2)
Format read: eBook, Hardback & Audio
Publisher: Bramble
Date read: 6 February 2024
First published: 2022 (self-published) December 2023 (Bramble)
Vibes: Vampires, deadly games, political intrigue, enemies to lovers, found family
Content Warnings: Kidnapping, murder, blood, death, body horror, grief

“Do you want to change this world, little serpent? Then climb your cage until you are so high no one can catch you. Break its bars and make them your weapons. Nothing is sharper."

Mini Review of The Serpent and the Wings of Night:

Oraya's been raised by vampires so she's never quite felt human. Her father, the vampire king, has raised her as his own while keeping her incredibly sheltered, lest she become a snack for an ambitious vampire.

She thinks she's ready to prove herself, but does this young and clever human really have what it takes to go head-to-head with the realm's most skilled vampires in the legendary tournament? And just how much trouble is the gorgeous vampire and fellow competitor Raihn?

This is an easy story to get caught up in and hard to put down. There's some sexual content, lots of blood and plenty of betrayal and hijinks.

It ends with a BANG so be sure to have the next book handy!

The humans, of course, were nothing more than that in this world—prey, pests, or often both.

The humans, of course, were nothing more than that in this world—prey, pests, or often both.

Full thoughts:

he Serpent and the Wings of Night  Book
photo credits: @giota_the_reader 

Welcome to Obitraes, the vampire lands! Here you'll find the three vampire houses: House of Blood, House of Shadow and House of Night. For the last 200 years, the House of Night has been in power and ruled over by Vincent, the Hiaj vampire king. Vampires are never content with their station if they're not in power, and major unrest festers between the Hiaj and Rishan sects of the House of Night. Things are about to get intense!

Since the goddess Nyaxia created vampires more than two thousand years ago—since before then, some even claimed—the two sects had waged constant war.

Our main character, Oraya, is very much human, even if she's not quite sure what that means. Rescued at a young age by Vincent, the vampire king, she was raised in the palace amongst vampires. She's spent her privileged yet secluded upbringing training to enter the legendary Kejari tournament which is her best chance to secure her place at her father's side.

The story is told from Oraya's point of view. There are also flashbacks to the time Vincent found her, (age 4 or 8, it's all the same to vampires), as well as another dark point in her past. These flashbacks are told in a slightly different style than the main storyline.

The Kejari is held once every 100 years by Nyxia, the goddess of death. This brutal tournament pits the vampire houses against each other to win Nyxia's favor. A favor which can determine the path for the future. The Kejari is made up of different trials that require the participants to work together, even though only one can win in the end. Talk about tension!

No, it turns out that fate-changing is a subtle beast.

The world-building in The Serpent and the Wings of Night is rather enjoyable. There are multiple types of vampires which you can mostly tell apart by their wings. Vampires can be born, but they can also be humans who are turned, which is rare. In this brutal society vampires tend to crave power, and for the most part, will stop at nothing to keep that power.

Vampires killed their parents for power, then crippled their own children to keep them from doing the same.

The magic in this world has a dark current to it which I'm here for. Power is everything and can be what makes or breaks you. When your lifespan is considered in terms of centuries rather than years, your perspective on things is perhaps a bit callous to a young human who is still learning the truths of the world.

“Give her a sun-damned minute before you talk her to death, Mische.”

“Give her a sun-damned minute before you talk her to death, Mische.”

The snark and humor in the story was very entertaining. There are in-world curses, nicknames between characters and solid refrains that come up time and time again. This is definitely a darker fantasy with all the blood and murder, but the dialogue is there to keep you chuckling despite it and ready for more.

“You might destroy me anyway.”

What's a deadly tournament without some romantic intrigue? The romance in this story includes some explicit moments and builds up quite nicely with the plot. The relationships between the main characters are well done and at times rather heart-wrenching. It's rather easy to get caught up with the characters and their circumstances while reading.

The last thing I heard was Raihn’s whisper of, “There she is.”

Overall, The Serpent and the Wings of Night is a great start to a dark fantasy series full of action, intrigue, romance and vampires! After finishing this book you can read the novella, Six Scorched Roses, for an introduction to two very important characters, or continue straight onto book 2, The Ashes and The Star-Cursed King.

Notes on The Serpent and the Wings of Night edition:

The gorgeous OwlCrate edition was the December 2023 Adult Fantasy subscription book.

Currently, The Serpent and the Wings of Night is included with Kindle Unlimited and the audiobook can be purchased from

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