Announcing SHADOWGHAST by Thomas Taylor!

By: Sally White

We are so excited to announce that we will be doing an exclusive signed edition of SHADOWGHAST by Thomas Taylor!

This is the third book in the Legends Of Eerie-On-Sea series! We featured the first book, MALAMANDER, in our September 2019 "Legends Of the Deep" box!

The OwlCrate Jr exclusive edition will feature a special foiled title you can't find in store and every book will be signed by Thomas Taylor! Plus you will receive a letter from the author featuring the awesomely spooky cover art!

Books will be $17.99 USD plus shipping. This will be a completely separate book from our regular subscriptions and must be purchased individually through our shop. We anticipate shipping these books out mid-late September, as close to the North American publication date of September 14th as we can.


We are so in love with the delightfully eerie world of characters Thomas has built with this series, and this new story takes everything to a whole new level. We had so much fun reading it and we’re so grateful to have been given the chance to make an OwlCrate Jr edition for this release! Know someone who loves the Eerie-On-Sea series? Tag them in the comments so they don’t miss out on this awesome release!