Beyond the Book: January Book Club Extension Activities

By: Cheryl Long

Beyond the Book: Heroes of Havensong: Dragonboy Extension Activities!


Have you finished reading Heroes of Havensong: Dragonboy? Looking for ways to extend the fun?? Well, I’m glad you’re here! In this article I’ve put together some fun activities to complete once you’re finished (or while you are reading) Dragonboy by Megan Reyes.


Don’t forget! You can access our Reading Guide Discussion Questions here. These questions were written by author Megan Reyes herself  and are a great way to start some conversations!


There is also an OwlBabble interview with Sally and Megan saved to our Instagram Reels page! Click here to watch!


About our monthly pick:

Heroes of Havensong: Dragonboy is an absorbing fantasy story full of wonderful world development and excellent characters. Inside the pages, you’ll meet four feisty characters:

  • Blue: Orphaned as a young boy in the kingdom of Gerbera, Blue has worked his way up being a stable boy at the Palace and is hoping to land the job as lead Stable Hand. But fates intervene and his life takes a dramatic turn when the King of Gerbera dies and the fates select Blue to be next!
  • Wren lives on the island of Meraki whose people are bounded with magic and are the protectors of the great dragons. Grieving the sudden loss of her mother, Wren finds she has little tolerance for the “way things have been” and is seen as an outsider within her community.
  • Shenli is a child soldier on the mainland living out a 17-year sentence of servitude to the evil Chancellor Cudek. The Chancellor has taught the people of the mainland to hate magic and hunt down the dragons, their riders, and those who practice magic. He finds his loyalties torn between wanting to free his family from Cudek's grasp and following his sense of what is right.
  • River is a resident of Dragon Mountain — the small group of magic holding people on the mainland who are responsible for the continuing the species of dragons. She loves Herbology and her plants and desperately wants to become Lead Harvester. But like Blue, her life path takes a dramatic turn …

All four characters must band together as they each play an important role in stopping the next great war from coming to Haven.


Extension Activities

dragon making clay craft kit


Craft A Dragon Clay Kit: It would be remiss of me NOT to mention the super fun clay kit we included in our January box, SCALES & SMOKE! Grab your kit and assemble some itty bitty dragons, one big dragon, or some dragon eggs (or whatever you want!) If you’re reading this before February 24th, take a picture of your creation and share it on instagram with #owlcratejr and you could win a free box!



Test your dragon knowledge with this awesome Scales & Smoke crossword puzzle!
Dragon Crossword Puzzle


dragon veggie tray
Make a healthy Dragon Veggie Tray and rewatch How to Train Your Dragon! I love this healthy veggie tray creation from Parties With a Cause.





Grab some paper towel rolls and make one (or both) of these fun dragon crafts!

    1. For Younger Kids: Make a fire breathing Dragon from the creative mind of One Little Project.
    2. For Older Kids: Organize all your pencils & pens with this fun Dragon Pencil Pot from Baker Ross.
fire breathing dragon craftdragon pencil pot craft


Thanks for reading along with us this month!  If you missed out on our January SCALES & SMOKE box, you can find one here in the shop!