Cassidy Blake Read-Along, Week 3: Tunnel of Bones, Chapters 1 - 14

By: Shanleigh Klassen
“It’s hard to believe in ghosts, until you see one, and then it’s hard to not to.” - Victoria Schwab

Bienvenue, mes amies to week 3 of the OwlCrate Jr Cassidy Blake series read-along! This is a SPOILER discussion for chapters 1 - 14 of Tunnel of Bones. If you haven't read these  just yet, please look away until you're ready to join in on our discussion. You have until midnight on February 21st to participate for this week.

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[ID: Flat lay showing Tunnel of Bones, surrounded by pencils, books, a mug of hot chocolate, and toy spiders.]

The story so far...
When we pick back up with Cassidy, her parents, Jacob, and Grim, they’ve just arrived in Paris, France. Unlike in Edinburgh, Parisians don’t believe in ghosts nearly as freely. But that’s no matter to The Inspecters, who start filming their Paris episode by visiting the Catacombs. Here, Cassidy accidentally disturbs something that has been resting among the bones, something ghostly with red eyes. Almost immediately, misfortunes begin to plague Cassidy and her parents. More than a little spooked, Cassidy and Jacob reach out to Lara for answers. As it turns out, Cassidy has unleashed a poltergeist.

After a frightening encounter where her parents are almost hurt by the poltergeist’s actions, Cassidy begins to hunt the spirit. When she finally corners the spirit and says the words to release it, to Cassidy and Jacob’s great surprise, the poltergeist breaks free of the mirror-trance and almost injures Cassidy. Reaching out to Lara again, Cassidy and Jacob learn that poltergeists cannot be released the same as ghosts as poltergeists can exist outside the Veil and are not bound to a fixed memory. In order to release this spirit, Cassidy must now unravel the mystery about a boy who vanished into the Catacombs nearly over a hundred years earlier.

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Question 1: Cassidy and her family have gone from gloomy Edinburgh to glamorous Paris! What would be your perfect day of sightseeing in the City of Lights?

Question 2: Although the Catacombs hold over six million bodies, the people of Paris seem much more reluctant to believe in ghosts thon the people of Edinburgh. Why do you think that is?

Question 3: Cassidy’s parents want her to be more involved with their show. If you could be involved in “The Inspecters,” what would you like to do?

Question 4 - For New Readers: Cassidy has a nightmare where Jacob is seen as spiraling out of control. What might this mean to Jacob? What might this mean for Cassidy?

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