Everything You Need to Know About August's 'MYTHICAL BEASTS' theme!

By: OwlCrate Jr Photo By: @heyatlascreative

Here is what you can expect to find inside OwlCrate Jr's August 2022 box . . .

Have you ever dreamed of having a magical beast as a pet? We sure have! But as you'll learn in our August book, they may turn out to be quite a handful! 

About the book:

August's book is a super fun adventure, featuring a destructive but adorable creature and lots of laughs. This story will be perfect for fans of mythology, Rick Riordan, Gordan Korman, and Cog

Our exclusive edition will come with a color-swapped dust jacket and a signed author letter bound right into the book!

Want to know the book we're including? Check out our spoiler page HERE!

About the rest of the goodies:

In addition to a super fun action adventure novel, this box will include items inspired by The Hobbit, Frostheart, Fablehaven, and Aru Shah!


Sneak Peek #1: 

Every MYTHICAL BEASTS box will include a super special exclusive tin item designed by Anne Lambelet!

We're always so excited every time we get to work with Anne, like when we included this incredible tin suitcase in our June 2021 'WONDROUS WORLDS' box last summer! 

August's item is one we’ve never included before, but it will fit perfectly with the rest of her collection. And it's based on a classic fandom, too!


Sneak Peek #2:

We're absolutely thrilled at the beautiful illustration Spring Nguyen came up for us and that will appear as the exclusive reversible dust jacket for our August book!

Spring is a Toronto, Canada-based digital artist who specializes in children’s book illustration and character design. As soon as we found her portfolio, we knew she was the right person to bring August’s characters to life!

Our beautiful edition of the August book will also feature a color-swapped cover with a reversible dust jacket. Plus, every book will also come with a letter and signed bookplate from the author! 


Sneak Peek #3:

Every August box will include a super useful fabric item designed by Sandhya Prabhat, inspired by one of our all time mythology faves: Aru Shah!

Sandhya is an award-winning animator and illustrator from Chennai, India, now based in the Bay Area. In addition to illustrating several children’s books, you can find her hilarious animated stickers all over the internet.

We’re telling you, we gasped when we saw this item's pattern. The colors! The creatures! The references! You don’t want to miss this one.


We are so excited for this theme and we hope you are too. Share with a bookish fan who would love to get in on the fun!
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