Everything You Need To Know About OwlCrate Jr's December Theme!

By: Sally White Photo By: @heyatlascreative

Here is what you can expect to find inside OwlCrate Jr's December 2021 box...

Pack a bag, we're heading into uncharted lands next month! From Oz to Narnia, and all sorts of places in-between, we're celebrating some of our favorite secret literary cities.

About the book:

December's book is the first in a rip-roaring new fantasy adventure series, perfect for fans of Rick Riordan, Shannon Messenger, and the Pegasus series!

Our monthly hardcover book will be our most exclusive to date! This edition will be signed with the author letter bound into the book, plus it features an exclusive cover and a specially illustrated reverse dust jacket depicting the land from the story!


Artist spotlight: Sylvia Bi

Our December book is going to be extra special because for the first time ever in addition to being signed with an author letter in the book, it will feature exclusive reverse dust jacket artwork commissioned exclusively for our edition!

This artwork was created by Sylvia Bi and it depicts a scene from the story! It looks so cool and atmospheric, we can’t wait to see it in our reader’s hands.

Sylvia Bi is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She loves to introduce her audience to diverse, vibrant worlds through the power of a (digital) pen! In her spare time, you can catch her moonlighting as a freelance illustrator for clients like us (yay!), expanding her collection of earrings, and consuming a terrifying number of fantasy novels. You may recognize her work from the many middle grade covers she’s designed, including the Super Sidekicks series, Maizy Chen’s Last Chance, and This Is Our Rainbow. We absolutely love her style and we know you will too!

About the rest of the goodies:

In addition to a thrilling new story, every box will include items inspired by Narnia, Oz, City of Ember, LOTR, and more! Keep reading for some special sneak peeks...

Sneak Peek #1: 


Every December box will include an insulated lunch bag designed by @janinelecour, perfect for keeping your bookworm’s lunch cool at school! 

Janine designed the lunch bag pictured here for OwlCrate’s June box! Ours will have a totally different design, inspired by a classic kid-lit fantasy locale. Any guesses?

We’ve collaborated with Janine twice before: for our February 2021 zippered pencil pouch and for the Golden Compass-inspired water bottle in our October 2020 box. We can't wait to share her latest design with you! 

Sneak Peek #2: 

Every box will also include a super cozy knit scarf, inspired by a classic frosty secret city we all know and love. This scarf was designed by Michelle Gray who also designed the adorable beanie pictured here, which was included in last December’s box, as well as many many other past items from our boxes and OwlCrate’s! Any guesses on the mystery location this design is based on??


The artist for the December collectible sticker is Laura Trinder! In addition to co-creating The Midnight Hour series, which we included in our February 2020 box, Laura is an incredible designer who draws the most whimsical, magical, cozy bookish illustrations. 
She made the book-loving mermaid sticker pictured here for our September 2019 box! Her sticker for this month’s box made us gasp with delight when we first saw it. We can’t wait to see it displayed on people’s laptops, notebooks, and sticker collections!

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