January 2022 'COMIC CRUSADERS' Magazine

By: Shanleigh Klassen Photo By: @xiomys_book_tales

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OwlCrate Jr's 'COMIC CRUSADERS' box was the perfect choice for fans of all things comic book. Take a peek through our January 2022 monthly magazine for an interview with our featured author, a fill-in-your-own-adventure activity, community interviews, and more!

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Look out! Spoilers ahead!

Cover for the OwlCrate Jr January 2022 Comic Crusaders magazine. From left to right, image shows a kid with tanned skin in a green superhero costume and laser goggles, below them is a child with black hair in a pink superhero costume, and to the right of both of them is a young Black child in a yellow and orange superhero costume easily holding up a large stack of books. Comic book panels and graphic effects surround the three children in various colours.

Let's take a quick moment to admire our January magazine cover art by one of our favorite artistic superheroes, the incomparable Melanie Demmer! She perfectly captured the the vibrant, comic book vibe we were aiming for with the greatest of ease.

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Here are all the comic-inspired goodies we featured in this action-packed box.

A matching comic panel-themed graphic image in various colours. Text describes all the items featured in box, which were: a felt superhero mask, a utility belt-designed fanny pack, The Incredibles-inspired tea, a Teen Titans GO!-inspired sticker, the book The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters, and a collectible card featuring the image of Logan Foster.

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Thanks so much to Shawn Peters for this great author interview. Read on to find out Shawn's inspiration behind The Unforgettable Logan Foster, our January 2022 featured title, which super powers he'd like to have, his favorite super hero (and villain!), and some comic book recommendations. 

Interview with Shawn Peters. Author photo shows a smiling white man and a pale green background with owl tracks at the top of the page.    Continuation of the author interview. Also shows the OwlCrate cover and regular store covers for The Unforgettable Logan Foster, as well as book covers for Cape, Miles Morales: Shock Waves, and Almost Super.

Don't forget to join our monthly OwlCrate Jr Book Club Read-Along, featured right here on our OwlCrate Jr blog! We'll be hosting our read through and discussion of The Unforgettable Logan Foster the week of February 20th, so stay tuned!

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Finish this comic! Challenge your creativity skills by filling in these blank comic book panels to create your own comic-inspired adventure. 

Text reads Creativity Corner - finish this comic! Image shows a stick figure in a box, pointing out to the blank comic book panel. The entire page consists of five blank comic book panels on a pale green background.

Download PDF here

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For this month's Community Corner, we interviewed Cheryl from @a.o.tales (and her blog, And Other Tales), a long-time OwlCrate Jr rep and friend, as well as our first Book Club guest writer! 

Text reads Community Interview with Cheryl @a.o.tales. Image shows a white woman with long dark hair looking down at a stack of books in her hands. Background is pale green and shows owl tracks.

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Don't forget about our monthly photo challenge and Owlbabble!

Over on our Instagram page, we always feature a monthly photo challenge but we're changing things up this year! Now, we want to see YOU enjoying your monthly books and goodies! Simply snap a picture, use the #ocjrcomics tag, and you'll be entered for a chance to win a free OwlCrate Jr box! Photo challenge dates will be announced shortly, so keep an eye on our Instagram for your chance to win.

And be sure you tune in for our OwlBabble live chat with Shawn Peters on Thursday, February 24th at 2 PM PST / 5 PM EST on Instagram Live!

Top image shows a stylized green cityscape with information about the OwlCrate Jr photo challenge. Bottom half of the page includes details for the live author chat with Shawn Peters.

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Superhero-sized thanks to the dynamic duo that puts together our incredible monthly magazines, designer Michelle Gray and artist Melanie Demmer!

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