June 2021 'WONDROUS WORLDS' Unboxing!

By: Shanleigh Klassen

Pack up and head out on an adventure of global proportions with our June 2021 'WONDROUS WORLDS' box. Our story this month will transport you to some of the most imaginative worlds we've ever visited!

Our June box features fun and useful items inspired by some of our favorite destinations in classic and contemporary middle grade. This box also includes the BIGGEST item we've included in an OwlCrate Jr box yet, and it's absolutely incredible!

Here is everything we included:

Our June 2021 book pick is Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L.D. Lapinski. This portal fantasy has us side-eyeing suitcases wherever we go.

The first in a scintillating new series, this book is perfect for fans of The Train To Impossible Places, Nevermoor, and A Wrinkle In Time! It is a portal fantasy adventure, with incredible storytelling and nail-biting excitement. 

Image shows an OwlCrate Jr exclusive copy of Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L.D. Lapinski. Book image shows a girl being lead by a boy from open suitcase to open suitcase. The boy is holding a bowler hat on his head. Colours are deep to lighter blue. Book is surrounded by an OwlCrate Jr box, a pen with a planet cap, flowers, and an acorn.

“When Flick Hudson accidentally ends up in the Strangeworlds Travel Agency, she uncovers a fantastic secret: there are hundreds of other worlds just steps away from ours. All you have to do to visit them is jump into the right suitcase. But, unknown to Flick, a greater mystery is a-foot. Something is causing buildings and even whole streets in far-flung worlds to disappear into nothing. Can Flick, newly recruited member of the Strangeworlds travel society, help save these seemingly doomed worlds?”

Your signed OwlCrate Jr first edition of this incredible book features an exclusive cover and even comes with the author letter from L.D. Lapinski bound inside!

Photo by @lostinbookworld

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Flat lay photo of tin suitcase with a quote from Jhumpa Lahiri. Tin resembles a travel suitcase, with stickers that show off various worlds.


Have (magic) suitcase, will travel! Your beautiful new tin suitcase was inspired by some of our favourite literary locales, and features an inspiring quote from Jhumpa Lahiri. Designed by Anne Lambelet.

Photo by @pages.for.dawn.


Flaty lay of various colourful paper with designs. A blue pen with a planet topper lays on top. Items are surrounded by flowers.


Write us a letter on your new fold & mail stationery, we might just write you back (find our address on the back of the magazine)! Designed by boygirlparty.

Photo by @reads.by.the.sea.


Photo centers on blue pen with a Saturn plannet topper. Pen is surrounded by pinecones, plants and paper. Book in background.


Don't forget to use your brand new sparkle planet gel pen, too!

Photo by @lostinbookworld.



Flay lay photo of 3 bookplates that read This book belongs to. Bookplates are framed in blue with a cityscape towards the bottom. Bookplates sit on a brown OwlCrate Jr envelope, on a wood table.


Your new beautiful set of bookplates, inspired by Lyra's London, will help your books return home, should you choose to lend them out. Designed by Eden Cooke.

Photo by @pages.for.dawn.


Merit badge reads Literary Voyager, showing a sailboat made out of a book sailing across space. Badge rests on 3 books, each coloured red, yellow, and blue.


Congratulations, bookworm! You've earned your Literary Voyager merit badge! Designed by Erin Gibbs

Photo by @storybookcook.



Bookmark reads Wherever you go you take yourself with you -Neil Gaiman. Bookmark image shows the globe with plants wrapping around. Bookmark sits on an open book beside the back cover of another book, showing four suitcases stacked on top of one another.


Your metal tassel bookmark, inspired by Neil Gaiman, is a good reminder that you are always your own number one travel companion. Designed by Indira Prieto.

Photo by @storybookcook.

Sticker image is of a book with a smiling face, walking off with suitcases in both hands. Magazine in background, along with bright yellow and pink flowers.


Our monthly collectible sticker shows the merits of both a reading and travel buddy! Designed by Amy Smarsh Johnson.

Photo by @pages.for.dawn.


And finally, our June 2021 monthly magazine features an author interview with L.D. Lapinski, a Strangeworlds travel quiz, and an interview with one of our very own OwlCrate Jr reps! Cover art by Melanie Demmer and interior designed by Michelle Gray.

Magazine reads Wondrous Worlds June 2021. Image shows two young Black children starring off towards a castle in the distance. Magazine is surrounded by flowers. 
Photo by @pages.for.dawn.

Read on, wanderer!

Extras of the 'WONDROUS WORLDS' boxes are available now for purchase in the OwlCrate Shop. Grab one for the young world-hopper in your life!

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