May 2022 'SCHOOLS OF WONDER' Magazine

By: Shanleigh Klassen

Attention readers: Class is in session!

Get ready to enter a brand new world filled with adventure, intrigue, and, of course, wonder with our May 2022 SCHOOLS OF WONDER OwlCrate Jr boxGrab your pens, grab your wand, and be prepared to be enchanted while learning enchantments!

Below you'll find our May 2022 monthly magazine with an interview with our featured author, a personality quiz, and more!

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Illustration of two Brown children and a dog wearing dark blue school jacket uniforms with khaki pants. The children and dog all have magical glowing clouds surrounding their feet and hands. A yellow cloud n the top right corner reads School of Wonder May 2022.

Melanie Demmer outdid herself this month depicting a marvelous magic school in action. Thanks Melanie, as always, for this delightful scene!

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Take a look at all the magical goodies we included in this month's box:

Below the block of text outlining the May box items is an illustration of a floating Brown child wearing a blue blazer and khaki pants engulfed in magical peach-coloured glow. Sitting on a nearby windowsill is a Black child with their hair in braids wearing the same school uniform and reading a yellow book. The sitting child is looking gleefully at the floating child.

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We are so fortunate that we could feature Dhonielle Clayton's middle grade debut, The Marvellers, in our May box. In this enchanting new fantasy series, we follow Ella Durand as the first Conjuror to attend the Arcanum Training Institute. The Institute is a magic school in the clouds where Marvellers from around the world practice their cultural arts.

Read on for an interview with Dhonielle Clayton to discover what inspired her to write The Marvellers, which Arcanum Paragon she'd want to be placed in, and what she'd bring to life, if she could!

Page 1 author interview with Dhonielle Clayton. At the top left is a black and white author photo of Dhonielle, a Black woman with long braided hair, wearing glasses and a black tshirt, smirking at the camera.    Page 2 author interview with Dhonielle Clayton. Halfway down the page are the side by side comparisons for the book cover of The Marvellers: on the left side is the teal and pink OwlCrate Jr book cover and the right is the orange and blue regular book cover. Separated by a dark blue text box are three book recommendations for Amari and the Night Brothers, Hollowpox, and The School for Good and Evil.

Join the OwlCrate Jr Book Club Read-Along right here as we read through The Marvellers! This month's book club starts next week on Monday, June 13 and will be open to Friday, June 24. Our reading schedule will be as follows:

  • June 13 — Chapters 1 - 7
  • June 15 — Chapters 8 - 17
  • June 17 — Chapters 18 - 31

**Remember, anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate Jr box! Winners will be selected on Friday, June 24.**

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Our Creativity Corner activity for this month drops us straight into the action of The Marvellers! Take this quiz to discover which of the Arcanum Paragons is right for you!

Either print this quiz out yourself below, or CLICK HERE and take the interactive quiz right now!

A pink background surrounds the white text quiz box. Text at the top reads Creativity Corner in white, with the words "Paragon Quiz" in a darker pink text box just below.

Download PDF HERE

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For our May 2022 Community Feature, we interviewed OwlCrate Jr rep and all around incredible bookish person Arlene from Arlene & Co. and The Booknerd Café. Follow her for content on homeschooling and the book community!

Pink border surrounds white text box. Top right shows a circular image that shows a young child with dark curly hair wearing a red shirt and holding a mug, looking down towards a person sitting on a nearby couch with a book held over their head.

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Don't forget to enter our May photo challenge, going on now! 

Over on the OwlCrate Jr Instagram page, we are proud of our young readers community and we want to show it. We absolutely love seeing you all opening up boxes, taking reading selfies and having fun with your new OwlCrate Jr goodies.

Didn’t receive a box? No problem! Show us your favorite place to read and who knows, you may just win a box to show off for next month.

To enter: post one or more photos on Instagram spotlighting your love of reading middle grade. Please use the hashtag #OCJRWONDER so we don't miss your entries. Accounts must be public on the day we select our winners, which will be chosen at random. We'll select a series of photos from the entries to win a free OwlCrate Jr box on June 20!

Constellations surround a colourful circle that includes the details of the photo challenge, as mentioned above. Below the text is the graphic illustration of an open book.


And be sure you tune in next Wednesday, June 22 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET on Instagram Live for our monthly OwlBabble live author chat with Dhonielle Clayton!

Be sure to check out The Marvellers so you can join in on the conversation.

The OwlCrate Jr edition of The Marvellers is shown next to the image of the author, Dhonielle Clayton. Dhonielle's photo shows a black and white image of a Black woman with long braided hair, wearing glasses, and smirking towards the camera. The text above reads OwlBabble  with author Dhonielle Clayton with an arrow pointing towards Dhonielle's photo. The background is two-toned pink.

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As always, thank you to the two incredible artists who make our monthly magazines simply stunning: Michelle Gray and Melanie Demmer!

And thank you to Cade from Hey Atlas Creative for creating our monthly theme reveal images every month.

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