Interview with author Megan Reyes!

By: OwlCrate Jr

Interview With Megan Reyes!

Author of OwlCrate Jr's January's Book Pick: HEROES OF HAVENSONG: DRAGONBOY


It's always such a treat to talk to an author and gain their insights into the creation of their stories. Read on for an exclusive interview with Megan Reyes, the author of our January 2023 book pick! 

Heroes Of Havensong: Dragonboy by Megan Reyes 

Hi Megan! Your first book in the Heroes of Havensong series was such an imaginative and wonderful read! Can you tell us a little about how this story came to be?


Hi there! Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed Dragonboy. And yes, I can tell you exactly where this story originated from. I still remember where I was standing in my old house when the words came to me: “Every twenty-five years, the king was eaten by a dragon. It was tradition.” You’ll notice these two sentences are almost identical to the opening lines of the book. At that moment the kingdom of Gerbera hadn’t been named yet, but I knew I had an interesting story idea. I had to know why the king was eaten and what kind of kingdom would allow this. As I continued to ask questions, the land of Haven unfolded in my mind. Blue was the first character that came to me as a Gerberan stable boy. As I imagined the world beyond Dragon Mountain, Wren and her Magic were created next, followed by Shenli and River. 


The world you created for this series seems so vast! What was your process for creating such a detailed setting?

It is true; the Land of Haven is quite large and it was so fun to create. This question actually connects well to the first question. As I mentioned, the story started with a kingdom (that eventually became Gerbera) that had kings and knights and dragons nearby. Next, I imagined the Dragon Growers. Once I had these two communities in my head, I drew a map and thought about what lay north of Dragon Mountain. I knew I wanted two people groups–magic and non-magic humans–who were enemies. So, the Meraki and Mainlanders were born. Eventually, I was able to share my map sketches with the artist Sveta Dorosheva, who brought the Land of Haven to life in the most beautiful map I’ve ever seen!  


One of the best parts about this book is the diverse cast of characters we follow throughout it. Which of them was your favorite to write?

Oh, wow, I really don’t think I could ever pick a single favorite–especially from the four main characters. I adore them all for different reasons: Blue for his sweetness and calming presence, River for her cleverness and determination, Shenli for his charm and love of family, and Wren for her curiosity and willingness to jump into action. As for the other characters, I suppose if I had to pick some favorites, I would say that Madera, Wren’s Magic, and the fox are both near and dear to my heart. 


Would you choose to transform into a dragon if you had the opportunity?

Ooh, I love this question! This is actually something I’ve thought about, and yes, I absolutely would turn into a dragon. I would love to fly to some nice vacation spots and relax. Smelling emotions would definitely be interesting. And imagine… picking up my kids from school as a dragon! That would be pretty awesome. 


Can you give us any hints about the next book in the series?

What I can tell you about book two is that we will be traveling to new parts of Haven and meeting several fun new characters that I’m very excited about! Chancellor Cudek will be very busy with his villainous plans. River and Blue have to try to strengthen their trust bond as they embark on a dangerous quest. Wren will have a whole new adventure to deal with. And Shenli will have to make some very hard decisions about whose side he’s on. All four characters will be wrestling with their identities as Heroes of Havensong. Also, we may just learn a few new secrets about our favorite fox. 😊


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