OwlCrate Jr Book Club: Into The Glades (day 3)

By: OwlCrate Jr

OwlCrate Jr Book Club: Into The Glades, day 3.

“As long as we want to be friends, nothing can stop us. It’s a choice. And I know that I’ll always choose to be your friend.”

We are back in a brand new year for part three of our three part read-along of Into The Glades for Laura Sebastian! Watch our chat with Laura here.

Last week our characters faced marsh-maids, fire breathing dragon-gators, and more... Let's keep reading!

Part Three: Chapters 27 - End  

The story continues...

As Zephyr and Larkin rest, Cordelia and Dash remember stories their dad told them about the bogilisk that was integral to finding the Glades as Oziris’ new home. The children also sense something upsetting - a hurricane may be on its way. When Zephyr and Larkin wake up, everyone climbs onto Quince who flies them off to Aunt Astrid’s. Once in the sky they confirm that a hurricane is indeed on its way as angry, as gray clouds chase them through the Glades. 

They arrive at Aunt Astrid’s just before the storm and all the children, besides Cordelia, are starting to have second doubts about this mission. Wondering if Oziris would have wanted this. Cordelia gets very angry at the group, saying unkind and hurtful words. Aunt Astrid greats them kindly but Cordelia gets even angrier when she won’t answer her questions fast enough, but her anger reaches apoplectic levels when Astrid tells her she can bring plants back from death but not humans. Meanwhile the storm outside is raging stronger and stronger, ripping apart Astrid’s home. The brothers are scared, clutching to Larkin who is yelling at Cordelia to stop, but Cordelia is blinded by her consuming anger, yelling at Astrid to bring back her dad that she has no idea (nor cares) what Larkin is talking about. Stop what? The hurricane, Astrid says, it’s coming from Cordelia! 

Cordelia is so angry, saying awful things to everyone but Larkin remembers Oziris telling her Cordelia’s anger was like a rattlesnake, sometimes you have to strike back. And so she bravely faces Cordelia to tell her her dad wouldn’t want this, that he lived a good life and it isn’t fair he isn’t here but that through his stories and teachings he will be with them. That they can save the Glades, the creatures are just mourning like them and will get better with their help. Cordelia finally lets go of her anger and the storm dissipates. 

The children try to clean up Astrid’s home, but it’s pretty bleak. Instead, Astrid takes them to the water to meet Aziel … the bogilisk from Oziris’ story! Larkin is able to use her new found magic to call on the Bogilisk who helps explain the “curse” that is plaguing the Glades. The Glades are indeed mourning Oziris’ passing as they had formed a special connection with him. The creatures of the Glades are being helped by the children because they recognize the same kindness and bravery inside of them that they loved in Oziris. But all is not better and Aziel informs them that the “grief has broken the heart” showing Larkin an image of the Labyrinth tree attacking their parents. 

Quickly the group board Astrid’s boat to race to the Labyrinth tree: if they can find and heal the heart trunk, they can rescue their parents and save the Glades. Finding the heart trunk is harder the second time, with the tree attacking everyone with its roots, but eventually Cordelia does so. Thinking about what her father would do, she starts to tell it a story and eventually everyone joins in. As the tree is calmed by their story, Astrid and Zephyr use their healing magic to erase the rot. Once the tree is healed, it releases their parents who, while happy to see the children safe, are also quite angry about their adventure and ground them for a month! 

Our story closes with the children together again on Cordelia’s roof, (after their grounding is up), sharing what they wished for that one special night with Oziris and the shooting stars. It is here that Cordelia finally hears her father’s voice on wind saying, I love you.


  1. Into the Glades was a look at the journey through grief, with brilliant insights along the way. I found the scene with Cordelia’s rage manifesting as a destructive hurricane so powerful but the scenes with the marsh-maids and dragon-gator each had their unique lesson. What scene(s) spoke to you the most through the story? 
  2. It is mentioned a few times that Cordelia is most like her father Oziris, do you think she will grow to become the village leader in his stead? 
  3. What are your overall thoughts? Did you enjoy the story?


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