OwlCrate Jr Middle Grade Book Club: Into The Glades (day 2)

By: OwlCrate Jr

Middle Grade Book Club: Into The Glades (day 2) 

“I don’t want to keep waiting to be someone else. I want to like who I am” 

We are back for part two of our three part read-along of Into The Glades for Laura Sebastian! Watch our chat with Laura here.

Last week we joined Larkin, Cordelia, Zephyr and Dash as they ventured deep into The Glades in search of the witch, Astrid, in hopes that she can bring Oziris back from the dead. But the Glades and the creatures who live in it aren't making it an easy trip... Let's keep reading!


Part Two: Chapters 13-26

The story continues...

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The marsh-maids can’t reach the children as long as they stay in the center of their raft but they are luring the children to the edge with their siren songs - manipulating Cordelia and Dash’s sorrow for their father and making them believe he is trapped underwater. Cordelia remembers her dad saying marsh-maids love to watch dancing! Thinking quickly she pulls her brother into a dance …. and it works! The marsh-maids stop singing and quietly dissolve back underwater, allowing the kids to safely cross the river.

They stop for a rest beneath a Labyrinth tree where everyone, except Larkin, quickly fall asleep. She has an idea. Knowing that the Labyrinth tree has powerful magic, maybe if she eats a bit of its root her magic will come in! But snipping off a small section of root backfires when the tree retaliates and snatches her up into its canopy! 

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Hearing her scream, the group quickly come to her aid, only to have Dash snatched up by the tree’s roots as well. Cordelia remembers another of Oziris’ teachings, that the Labyrinth Tree has a heart trunk, maybe if she can find the heart trunk they can use Zephyr’s magic to kill it … even if that thought makes them very sad. Racing from trunk to trunk, Cordelia finally finds the heart trunk. But when she lays her hand upon it, she can feel that the tree is sick with rot. Not only that, but she can feel and see that the Labyrinth Tree gives life to and is connected to all of the Glades. If they kill the tree, they kill the Glades! Instead of using Zephyr’s magical boogers (ew!) to harm, he uses them to heal the tree, and it gently sets the children back on the ground! Glowing now with health the children race away, realizing the glowing tree is sending a beacon to their parents …

The children continue along through the Glades eventually realizing they’ve traveled too far east when they reach the river, where they encounter marsh-maids once again! Luckily they aren’t as murderous as they were before - Zephyr’s healing magic on the Labyrinth tree seems to have spread through the glades - and the marsh-maids give the children a raft to journey down the river. 

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They come upon Silver Palm Grove which is completely aflame due to the flame-throwing temper tantrum of a dragon-gator. Larkin, not knowing what she can do to help, jumps off the raft and straight into the burning glade. Luckily she quickly discovers she has a magic that protects her from flame and can speak dragon-gator! Perfect timing for her magic to arrive!! She helps the dragon-gator - Quince - to calm down. Quince puts out the flames by carrying water from the river in her large mouth and Zephyr uses his magic to start healing the burned trees.

The use of magic is draining for Zephyr and Larkin and so the group take a break for a well earned nap. Cordelia is upset that this will put them even further behind, but Larkin informs her Quince has agreed to give them a ride to Aunt Astrid’s!! 

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  1. As the children continue on their quest, I’m beginning to see that this journey is more about Cordelia’s path through her grief and maybe not necessarily resurrecting her father. What do you think? In the end, do you think they will bring her father back?? 
  2. It’s always fun to fantasize about having magical powers! I really like how Larkin can communicate with the dragon-gators and Zephyr can heal (or destroy depending on his mood.) What are some magical powers you’d love to have? 
  3. Any predictions on the ending of the story? 
See you again next week for the third and final part of our read along!

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