Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide!

By: OwlCrate Jr

We have so many incredible stocking stuffer gifts to choose from this year, we wanted to highlight our team's personal favorites!

Sally's picks
Literary Traveller Badge: I am a huge fan of all the merit badges Erin Gibbs has designed for our subscribers, but I think this one is the G.O.A.T. Such a cute way to wear your bookish adventures on your sleeve. (Photo by @dropandgivemenerdy)




Ozwald Beanie: A cute and cozy way to keep your noggin warm! This pompom hat features heavily in my winter wardrobe rotation. (Photo by @a.o.tales)





Freya Book Sleeve: Book sleeves have saved my favorite editions from spills and bumps on numerous occasions and I'm obsessed with this bright and beautiful design by EJ Chong. Who better to protect your stories than the Norse Goddess Freya and her trusty chariot cats? (Photo by @lucys.lovely.library)




Jumbo Elephant Eraser: I won't judge anyone for actually using this gigantic elephant eraser for its intended use, but it also makes an excellent desk companion/writing mascot. (Photo by @a.o.tales)




Typewriter & Pencil Enamel Pin Set: The perfect accessory for writers, librarians, and bookworms young and old. (Photo by @bookskidslove_)






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Kellie's picks 
Hobbit Pencil Pouch - I mean, it's The Hobbit Hole! We love pouches for pencils but also for organizing other beloved treasures like stickers and our favorite Lego characters.(Photo by @a.o.tales) 





Canvas Artist Roll - This one is for artists of all ages! Lorena Álvarez artwork is stunning. Store paintbrushes, pencils, or makeup brushes - it doesn't matter. Gifting this to someone this year is going to make their heart leap. (Photo by @lucys.lovely.library)



Wondrous Worlds Lunch Tin - This literary travel tin is a stunner. Booklovers will swoon over this box! Pack a lunch or store your favorite things, it's a gifting win. (Photo by @bookskidslove_)





Book Sleeve - Book sleeves, shall I say more? What was life even like before I was protecting my beloved books on trips? Say goodbye to bumped book corners and accidental pencil marks. Save a book - buy a book sleeve.




Narnia Bandana - Step into the wardrobe with style. Book nerds like fashion too! Gift one of kid lit's most beloved classics made wearable.






- - - - - - - - -

Shanleigh's picks
Zombie Tote Bag: I'm always on the hunt for a great tote bag, and boom, here it is. Perfect for lugging around my library books and with some of the coolest artwork ever. 






Epic Quests Sketchbook: This sketchbook features not only some of my favourite artwork we've ever included, but it's the perfect size to toss into a bag and take on an adventure. (Photo by @hagerfamilyreads)






Otherworldly Gel Pen: I absolutely love the weight and look of this interplanetary pen. Bonus: the gel ink is sooo satisfying to write with. (Photo by






Hotel Deucalion Keychain: I get a little bit of a thrill every time I see this beautiful room key. Makes me feel like I'm just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the famed Nevermoorian hotel! (Photo by @thehiphomelife)





 - - - - - - - - -

Cori's picks
Lyra's Oxford Bookplate Pack: Not only are these bookplates gorgeous, they're also great for making sure any of those books you lend to your friends find their way home! (Photo by @pages.for.dawn






Leroy the Stuffed Elephant: Who doesn't love a cuddly friend? Leroy the elephant is super soft and ever so huggable! (Photo by @hannasandvig)







Rainbow Metallic Origami Paper: Origami is a fun and super creative activity that can be as easy or hard as you want. There are so many tutorials you can find online, we even have one on our blog(Photo by @a.o.tales) 






Robin Hood Magnet Bookmarks: Magnetic bookmarks are wonderful for reading on the go. These bookmarks are definitely not falling out of your book! These little friends make the perfect stocking stuffer. (Photo by @marsi_darcy_reads)






- - - - - - - - -

Korrina's picks
Rising Phoenix Cookie Stamp: I love baking during the holidays, and this is such a fun way to give your cookies a magical fantasy touch. (Photo by @a.o.tales)






Amphibious Friendship Jigsaw Puzzle: Doing puzzles during the winter is one of my favorite ways to pass the time, especially as a family. This puzzle is the perfect size for kids!





Illuminating Pop-Up Lantern: This item is so fun and the light is brilliantly bright - perfect for exploring during the dark winter nights. Or save it for camping in the summer! (Photo by @a.o.tales)






Golden Compass-Inspired Water Bottle: Water bottles are always so useful, so why not give one with a beautiful bookish design? The Golden Compass is such a classic, and I love how artist Janine Lecour captured the magic with this illustration. (Photo by @sophiekaetzchen)





You Are Magic Gel Pen Set: One of my favorite types of gifts to give kids is something to help them embrace creativity. This gel pen set is a big hit in our household - it comes packed with so many fun colors, and is compact enough to tuck in a tote bag. It's perfect for bringing along to restaurants or on trips. (Photo by @thehiphomelife)




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Crystal's picks
The Cassidy Blake Passport Stickers - I love the Edinburgh, Paris and New Orleans stickers inspired by City of Ghosts, Tunnel of Bones and Bridge of Souls by V. E. Schwab. I love their design and though they are great individually, I love them clustered together on my laptop. (Photo by @thedocreadstoomuch)





Supernatural Storm Soap Bar - I'm not going to lie, I love a nicely scented bar of soap. It always feels like such a treat and  this one has a refreshing Yuzu scent. Yum! (Photo by @a.o.tales)





Distant Worlds Drawing Pencil Set - I love the design of the tin, the size, and having a dedicated set of drawing pencils for creative evenings. Pairs beautifully with the matching sketchbook. 





February 'Bump In The Night' Sticker - What can I say, I love a cute sticker. And bats. I know its little but sometimes things just make you smile.(Photo by @bookskidslove_)





Practically Perfect Clasp Pouch - Perfect for any Mary Poppins fan, young or old. Unfortunately, this pouch doesn't have an infinite capacity like Mary's carpet bag but it has endless uses, and it's beautiful.







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