'The Unforgettable Logan Foster' Book Club: Day 1

By: Shanleigh Klassen Photo By: @babs.books

Hello. My name is Logan Foster. I do not know your name, but if you are reading this, it means I am your big brother. That is a fact.

Welcome to our Book Club Read-Along for The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters, the OwlCrate Jr book pick for the January 2022 box, ‘COMIC CRUSADERS!

As this book doesn’t have conventional chapter titles or numbers (it is, after all, Logan’s own recounting of events), the book club breaks are going to look a little different. Our reading schedule will be as follows:

  • Day 1 - Feb 21: Prologue - 5:19 PM, Wednesday, October 6 (pages 1-88)
  • Day 2 - Feb 23: 7:42 PM, Wednesday, October 6 - 1:12 PM, Friday, October 8 (pages 89-187)
  • Day 3 - Feb 25: 8:34 PM, Friday, October 8 - 5:48 PM, Sunday, October 10 (pages 188-266)

Just a reminder that this will be a spoiler filled discussion for pages 1-88 of The Unforgettable Logan Foster. Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate Jr box, one per post!

The story so far . . .

Our story begins with Logan Foster, an orphan who was found wandering the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at three years old, his only identification being an “L. Foster” tag on the inside of this shirt. Although Logan has an eidetic memory — meaning he remembers everything he’s ever read, heard, or seen — he cannot remember either of his parents or the younger sibling he’s sure he has. Oh, and also, Logan is a superhero. Kinda.

It all started at Cornwallz Comics, with Logan on a get-together with his most recent set of PPs (prospective parents). Logan loves comics, as do most of the orphans at El Segundo Transitional Orphanage (ESTO). Although Logan is sure this set of PPs, Margie Morrow and Gil Grant, will eventually tire of him too, they seem like they’re just about to ask Logan if he’d like to live with them. Before they’re able to, an earthquake splits the street wide open and a volcano erupts right at Logan’s feet, forcing Logan and the orphanage’s supervisor, Ms. Kondrat, to flee. Noticing that both Margie and Gil have seemingly disappeared, Logan drags Ms. Kondrat into a nearby sports store and they climb up the store’s rock wall in an attempt to escape the flow of lava. Reaching the top, Logan clips their harnesses into the zip line rig and launches them off the side of the building.

Now ziplining across three blocks of stores and lava, Logan catches a flash of silvery movement below and the lava seems to recede away from an idling tanker truck, but they’re moving too fast for Logan to be sure. Thanks to Logan, he and Ms. Kondrat land safely away from the lava, which stops just as suddenly as it began. They make their way back to ESTO where Logan researches the Promenade Quake, as the event is being called. This earthquake seems to follow a recent trend of strong and focused earthquakes from all over the western United States. Ms. Kondrat surprises Logan by bringing him to Margie and Gil, who have shown up at the orphanage and are very much not dead. Logan asks where the two of them had been for the last day, and while they answer his question, Logan notices that they’re not being entirely truthful. Even so, they ask Logan to be their foster child and Logan says yes.

Happy So Excited GIF


Logan and his new foster parents arrive home, which also happens to be within the flight path of LAX. Gil works for a telecom company repairing wires and cables while Margie is a substitute teacher. Although Logan asks if he may use their computer, Gil and Margie instead suggest Logan goes for a ride on his new bike. Outside, Logan meets Elena Arguello, his next-door neighbor on both sides. Elena is a sophomore at Westchester High and seeing as Logan has skipped two grades, he’ll most likely attend that school as well. As Logan and Elena bond over cat videos, they’re interrupted by seven teenage boys hollering at them. The boys are an e-sports team called the Hott Salsa Boys. Logan starts laughing and comments how in Korean, seol-sa means diarrhea, immediately offending them. Jeff winds up to punch Logan but is stopped by Elena’s own punch to his face. The Hott Salsa Boys slink away.

The next day, Margie and Gil take Logan out to all the museums, centers, and libraries that he wants. After the library, the three of them take a walk through the Botanical Gardens where they bump into an acquaintance of Margie and Gil’s named Genevieve. Margie and Gil seem a bit uncomfortable around Genevieve and even lie that Logan is actually Gil’s nephew. Genevieve doesn’t seem to notice Margie and Gil’s awkwardness and happily takes them on a tour of the gardens. After Genevieve leaves, Margie and Gil scramble to apologize to Logan for their behavior. Although Logan forgive them, he doesn’t entirely believe their excuses.

Logan has his first week of school at Westchester High and it pretty much goes exactly how he predicted. Outside of school, more super-focused earthquakes pop up across LA, and Logan continues to be a little suspicious of his new foster parents. He notices that Gil never eats with Margie and Logan, and there seemed to be no photos of Margie as a child. When Logan asks, Margie explains that she was raised in a different culture than most people where they didn’t have cameras. Logan then notices that Margie’s arm, which had been leaning up against a hot pot of soup this whole time, didn’t seem to be hurting her, and where it touched the heat, looks silvery . . .

At the movies a few days later, Margie and Gil ask Logan if he likes living with them. Logan responds that he does but also he’d like to know what they’re hiding from him. Logan lists off every odd thing he’s noticed about Margie and Gil, and the two become more and more uncomfortable as he goes on. But then the movie starts, and they’re unable to finish their conversation. That’s when a costumed beefy guy explodes through the screen and points right at him, Margie, and Gil. To Logan’s surprise, Margie and Gil spring into action.

Mr Incredible, a white man with a large face, places a superhero domino mask onto his face and says "showtime"

Discussion Questions:

  1. Logan has an eidetic memory, so he can remember pretty much everything he sees, reads, or hears with perfect accuracy. Sounds like a superpower to me! If you could have any superpower, what would you want?
  2. Margie and Gil are awkward around Genevieve but don’t tell Logan the truth behind their behavior. What do you think they want to hide from Genevieve and why?
  3. Are you a fan of superheroes or comic books? If so, who’s your favorite superhero?

Join us again on Wednesday as we discuss pages 88-187 of The Unforgettable Logan Foster!

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