'The Unforgettable Logan Foster' Book Club: Day 3 [End]

By: Shanleigh Klassen Photo By: @the.booknerdcafe

"Normal will never be within your grasp."

Welcome back to our third and final Book Club Read-Along for The Unforgettable Logan Foster by Shawn Peters, the OwlCrate Jr book from our ‘COMIC CRUSADERS’ box. Are Logan, Elena, Margie, and Gil in over their heads? Can they stop the nefarious Necros and the menacing Seismyxer? Only time, and a bit of ingenuity, will tell!

Remember, this is a spoiler filled discussion for the conclusion of The Unforgettable Logan Foster. Discussion questions are listed below, and anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate Jr box, one per post!

*Make sure to get your comments in by end of the day on Wednesday, March 2, 2022 to be eligible to win.*

Now let’s gear up and get ready for this exciting finale!

The Story Concludes . . .

Elena and Colonel Gdula are absolutely no help as Logan tries to think of a way to escape. Dr. Chrysler appears and escorts Logan back to the Containment Unit where Seismyxer and Necros are waiting for him. Necros tries to convince Margie and Gil to join her side, promising that she’ll allow Logan to be with them and become a real family, but Margie instead asks Necros to erase Logan’s memories. Margie explains that she can’t keep Logan safe the way she wants to and, as a mother, she just wants what’s best for him. Necros agrees. Logan begins panicking when he’s strapped into a Houdini chair, listing all manner of names, dates, and addresses, until suddenly Dr. Chrysler starts shouting for them to stop.

Turns out Logan is recalling information from the MASC database — every detail of every known super-powered individual on the planet now resides in Logan’s head. Dr. Chrysler demands that Logan, and his memories, are to remain untouched. Logan at first refuses to comply, but Necros tells him he will then have to choose which of his foster parents will die. Logan gives in and proceeds to list off names and addresses for 8 hours straight. When Logan is brought back to his cell, Gdula offers him a cyanide pill, saying Logan should “do the right thing” to prevent Necros from getting any more info than she already has. Elena breaks free of her cell by pulling the metal away from the ceiling with her bare hands, opens Logan’s cell door, and destroys the pill.

Gdula’s exclaims that Elena is at least a level-two superhuman, but Elena is furious with Gdula and knocks him out instead. Logan shares his plan of escape. Elena returns to her cell while Logan attracts the guards’ attention, saying he needs to speak with Dr. Chrysler. The guards bring Logan to Necros and Dr. Chrysler, and Logan requests a safer cell to get away from Gdula. Dr. Chrysler arranges another space for Logan as he paces around the room, ever mindful of the clock and hoping Elena’s part of the plan is on schedule. When Necros finally seems distracted, Logan sprints towards a Houdini chair and straps himself in, declaring that he’d like to renegotiate his agreement.

Chaos erupts as Dr. Chrysler hits the emergency alarm and Seismyxer barges into the room. Logan demands they free his foster parents, Elena, and all captive superheroes immediately or he’ll erase his own mind. Necros and Dr. Chrysler consider Logan’s orders, but Seismyxer takes the situation into his own hands, rupturing the outlet which powers the Houdini char. As Seismyxer cackles away, Logan simply sits there laughing. Necros figures out that Logan was bluffing only seconds before a side of the room explodes, revealing Margie, Gil, and three other superheroes, exactly as Logan planned.

Logan dashes for safety as a battle ensues between Necros’ side and the other superheroes. When Necros and Dr. Chrysler attempt to escape, FemmeFlorance interferes, only for Necros to grab onto one of FemmeFlorance’s vines and completely drain her of life energy. Margie springs into action, but terrified that he’s going to see Margie die, Logan yells out “Mom! Stop!”

Margie stops in her tracks, and Necros uses the opportunity to slip away. Elena attempts to stop Dr. Chrysler from escaping, but he knocks her out using the same device from earlier. Dr. Chrysler orders the surrounding guards to take Elena away and Seismyxer grabs onto Logan, planning on using him as a hostage. Knowing Margie and Gil won’t risk an attack, Logan trips Seismyxer, who tumbles backward into one of the Houdini chairs. Logan slaps the headpiece onto Seismyxer’s head and turns the machine on. Gil, Margie, and Logan take off to rescue Elena and emerge onto a scene of complete devastation, with Necros dangling an unconscious Elena over the edge of a flying saucer that’s rapidly gaining speed.

Gil beams upwards as Necros releases Elena, who begins plummeting back to earth. Logan pleas with Margie to have Gil save her, which would allow Necros to escape, but Margie complies and Gil saves her just in time. Just as Logan leans over Elena’s body, she bolts up, knocking Logan back several feet. Necros and Dr. Chrysler have gotten away, but Logan is not sorry one bit for ensuring Elena’s safety.

After returning to the other superheroes, Colonel Gdula and a team of MASC commandos burst into the room to assess the situation. They discover that Seismyxer has lost the last ten years of his memory and while still superpowered, he’s no longer a threat. Gdula eventually sets his sights on Logan but everyone comes to Logan’s defense, crediting him with their survival, neutralizing Seismyxer, and keeping the MASC database out of Necros’ hands. If anyone gets to decide what’s best for Logan, it’s himself.

Logan returns to ESTO one last time with a box of comics in hand. Logan has decided to leave his comic collection to the rest of the boys, claiming he’s no longer interested in “semifiction.” Logan and his foster parents return home where Elena is waiting. MASC is already planning on relocating Logan and his family to a town over, so Elena gives Logan a bike-riding lesson so he may bike over and visit once he’s been relocated. MASC wants Elena to join their junior program, but Elena is unsure.

Margie and Gil have agreed to hold off on discussing adopting Logan for the time being, but Logan has decided to try calling them Mom and Dad sometimes. Logan promises his younger sibling that he’s going to keep writing to them, just in case.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What adventures do you think await Logan, Margie, and Gil in the next book in the series?

  2. Which moment surprised you the most in The Unforgettable Logan Foster?

  3. Do you think Elena will join MASC’s junior program?

Do you have questions you'd like to ask about The Unforgettable Logan Foster? Drop them in the comments for everyone to see!

Thank you for joining us on this book club read-along. We’ll be back in a couple of weeks to start in on our February book pick. See you soon and happy reading!
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