'Twelfth' Book Club: Day 2

By: Shanleigh Klassen Photo By: @bookskidslove_

“Because we’re both Viola in a way, aren’t we?

Welcome back to day 2 of our Book Club Read-Along for Twelfth by Janet Key. This mystery is unfolding brilliantly and I’m completely on the edge of my seat, both to discover the truth and to see how Twelfth Night goes!

Remember, this is a spoiler discussion for pages 114 - 232, so if you aren’t quite there yet, look away! You have until Wednesday, July 27 to get caught up and join in on the discussion questions below. Anyone who participates in the comments will be entered to win a free OwlCrate Jr box, one per post!

The Story Continues . . .

In Maren's next Playwriting class, Monty apologizes for having pressured her to read out her private monologue during the auditions. Later on, Mr. Cairn puts up the cast list for Twelfth Night where Theo is cast as Malvolio (to their absolute delight) and Maren is appointed the stage manager. While talking with Jo, she inadvertently helps Maren solve the latest clue.

Theo and Maren find the next clue in the smaller Black Box stage, thanks partly to Graham’s sudden appearance and assistance. Maren is hesitant to trust Graham because of the earlier prank, but Theo is grateful for Graham’s help. Just as Theo gets the clue, Mr. Cairn walks in and has an odd conversation with Bernie, the Tech teacher. Thankfully, Maren, Theo, and Graham aren’t caught.

In 1950, Charlie starts dressing and working as a man in order to make ends meet for herself and Rosalie. At one particular party, she notices a beautiful woman get into an argument with her fiancé. Sometime later at Rosalie’s wedding, Charlie officially meets that woman from earlier, Emma Bonaventure. Emma is an actress, engaged to a man named Wayman Wallace.

On Sundays, campers are allowed to head into the nearby village for cell service to call their families. As Theo and Graham talk with their parents, Maren leaves a message for Ed and is only able to talk with her mother for a short time before the conversation becomes about Hadley. Maren ends the call and heads to the coffee shop to wait for Theo and Graham. There, Maren watches as a rude woman named Renee begins talking in French on the phone, just like the person in costume storage days before. Ed calls before Maren is able to record enough of the conversation, but she learns that Renee Wallace is the owner of Walcorp, the company that’s trying to buy Camp Goodman.

Maren gets turned around after leaving the coffee shop and bumps into Sal. Sal jokes about how some of the guys have “the ghost” sneaking about recently, which leads them to a greenhouse at the far corner of the camp where they find the next clue. Theo dubs the four of them the Twelfth Team and they agree if they find the ring, they’ll give it to Jo to save the camp.

Rehearsals for Twelfth Night pick up and everyone is run ragged to get everything ready in time for the camp’s fundraising gala and performance. Maren is determined to crack the latest clue and discovers the connection between Charlie Goodman, Emma Bonaventure, and Wayman Wallace, who went on to found Walcorp industries.

Maren shifts focus from the ring mystery when Allegra mocks Theo for struggling to remember their lines. Maren works with Theo long into the night and they completely nail the run-through the next day, infuriating Allegra entirely. Following Theo’s triumph, Maren informs Twelfth Team about the connection between Charlie, Emma, Wayman, and his daughter Renee, deducing that the Wallace family wants their ring back.

Back in 1952, Charlie is the director on the film set of Twelfth Night, starring Emma as Viola. Emma gifts Charlie a charm necklace of a viola, saying “because we’re both Viola in a way, aren’t we?”

Sal and Theo come up with two different possible solutions to the latest clue, so Sal and Graham head off to check the sound booth while Maren and Theo search the prop closet. As they search, Mr. Cairn stomps into the prop closet while talking on a cellphone, propelling him to the top of the suspect list.

Twelfth Team doesn’t find anything in either place, so as they head off towards the village, they stop by the Stonecourt cemetery and check out Charlotte Goodman’s grave, along with the graves for Jo’s parents. As Theo, Graham, and Sal call their parents, Maren calls Ed and their brief conversation helps her crack the location of the next clue. With Sal’s help, the two find the next clue but are witnessed by Allegra.

Discussion Questions:
  1. Maren is certain the ghost of Charlotte Goodman is not real, and yet there’s been some bizarre occurrences, shadows, and footsteps all around the camp. Do you think the ghost of Charlotte “Charlie” Goodman is real, or is there a logical explanation?

  2. Twelfth Team has noted a number of people who’ve acted suspiciously since the clues started popping up, such as Mr. Cairn, Renee Wallace, and even Jo at times. Who do you suspect is also searching for the ring?

  3. Theo thinks the clues may be about something other than finding the ring. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Join us again on Monday to discuss the exciting conclusion to Twelfth!

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