Whatcha Reading? August 2021

By: OwlCrate Jr Photo By: @a.o.tales

It's officially September so it's time to say goodbye to summer. But first, let's chat about some of the great books our team read in August!

If you've read any of these great picks, let us know what you thought, or tell us what you read this month in the comments below!

The Keeper
by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

I started my spooky fall reading early this year with The Keeper by Guadalupe Garcia McCall (pub date: January 25, 2022). This is the story of two siblings who move with their family from Texas to a sleepy Oregon town. Everything seems quaint and cozy, but when creepy hand addressed letters start showing up signed by "The Keeper" with very specific knowledge about the house and their family, it becomes clear that something is off in this new town and all the neighbors are suspects! The creepiest part of all? It's inspired by the real-life story of the "Westfield Watcher"! This had just the right amount of scariness for middle grade horror, making it perfect for fans of Small Spaces or The Jumbies.


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Séance Tea Party
by Reimena Yee

Séance Tea Party was an absolute delight of a story! We follow Lora as she is dealing with the anxieties of growing up - including the feeling of drifting away from her life long friends and their new interests. Determined to not give up on the things she loves, Lora holds a séance and summons the ghost who lives in her house, Alexa, and they quickly become besties. This graphic novel explores Lora's fear of growing up, but also Alexa's inability to do so. It's tender and charming and made me shed just a couple of tears! Also the art is incredible and will have you coming back for more!


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The Sea in Winter
by Christine Day

The Sea in Winter is the story of a young Native American girl going through a rough time in her life. It's a beautiful and poignant story. After injuring her leg, Maisie can no longer practice ballet and has a hard time focusing in class. Her parents decide to take her and her younger brother on a trip where she discovers more about her heritage.

This book was beautifully written. My heart went out to Maisie and her struggles but found her stubbornness and courage inspiring.



What great books did you read this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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