Unboxing Update!

Unboxing Update!

We just can't help ourselves! We're too excited!

To keep up with the excitement of our daily TikTok unboxings (Thanks Christianne!), we have decided to reschedule the previously announced December 26th - 31st unboxing dates to the 15th - 26th, posting the day after TikTok. We will still be sharing some artist features and some peeks behind the scenes.

There have been some really fun and amazing unboxings online and we love them! 
Please keep tagging @owlcrate!

New Unboxing Schedule - December 15th-26th!

For now… would you like to meet the Advent Team?

As mentioned in a previous post, the Advent Calendar was a chance for some of the other members of Team OwlCrate to take a crack at curation and see everything involved in the box-building process. It was challenging with all the moving parts and details but also great fun! We commend the Curation Team for all the hard work they do planning multiple boxes at once.

So here were are!

Most of you may know Sophie from Instagram. She is our Head of Social Media and takes care of all the fun posts, stories and engagement on Instagram. She was also featured as an artist in the advent calendar. She is the owner of the Reader's Society shop. 

Shanleigh is our E-comm Shop Manager. She keeps our online store in order, and is integral to making sure our sales go smoothly. This year, she brought us the Store Exclusives Collection, working hard to make sure all the designs looked their best on each item chosen item. 

Marina is OwlCrate's Purchasing Lead. She has a very important job and is the reason there are actual items in your box. Working with the creative teams, she sources the items, places orders, pays the bills and makes sure we get everything on time. I'm not sure we would have had an Advent Calendar without her skills.

Cindy is the Vice President of Operations and her job is just as important as it sounds. That you are holding a box of goodies right now is her doing. There are many moving parts when it comes to shipping and logistics and all the other infinite details it takes to get a box out of our door and into your hands.

Crystal is our Head of Customer Success and is usually the one who has the answer to your question. Her team is always there to help! In addition to writing our FAQ and managing OzBot - our favourite little chatbot, she has also been working on ways to make the website more customer-friendly, with everything you need easy to access and change. 

We love Jordan's precariously stacked box of Advent goodies! Jenga, anyone?

Stay Tuned for Unboxing Fun December 15th-26th!

Want to send an Advent Calendar to a book-loving friend or family member? 

The 2023 Timeless Tales Advent Calendars are Still Available!