The Whispering Dark (Exclusive OwlCrate Edition)

This is a tale full of mystery and murder, perfect for both Dark Academia fans and those who enjoy supernatural spookiness! Romantic and horror-filled, with tension and twists at every turn, The Whispering Dark follows Delaney Meyers-Petrov as she navigates Godbole University, a school that seems to contain more secrets than students. Having been accepted into a prestigious program where students are taught to slip between parallel worlds, Delaney soon finds herself hearing voices in the shadows and facing entities that lurk in the dark.

This edition features: 
* Exclusive, redesigned cover artwork by Tes Medovich
* Signed by Kelly Andrew
* Author letter from Kelly Andrew
* Reversible dust jacket artwork by Kiv Bui
* Exclusive foil designs on the hardcover case designed by Tes Medovich
* Exclusive end pages artwork by Lindsay Hook

Featured in the October 2022 'A Study in Shadows' OwlCrate box.

Photo by: Babs Books

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