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A Clock of Stars (Signed w/ Exclusive Endpapers, Author Letter, Sticker)

Fed up with a long morning of being told to behave herself, Imogen follows an unusual silver moth through a door in a tree and into a magical land full of strange and dangerous creatures. She and her little sister Marie, who followed her (of course) are swept up in a thrilling adventure to save a spoiled prince and a kingdom in peril!

A Clock of Stars: The Shadow Moth is the first in a brilliant new fantasy trilogy by debut author Francesca Gibbons, featuring illustrations by Chris Riddell! Your signed book features OwlCrate Jr exclusive endpapers and comes with a special letter from the author! Published by HarperCollins Canada

Your purchase includes:
* A Clock of Stars by Francesca Gibbons (with exclusive endpapers and signed by the author).
* Author letter from Francesca Gibbons
* December 'Winged Beasts' collectible sticker

Featured in the December 2020 'Winged Beasts' OwlCrate Jr box.

Photos by: @babs.books and @bookskidslove_ (from Instagram)

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