OwlCrate Jr

A Comb of Wishes (Exclusive OwlCrate Jr Edition)

Ever since her mother’s death, Kela feels every bit as broken as the shards of glass, that sparkle on the Caribbean beaches of St. Rita. So when Kela and her friend Lissy stumble across an ancient-looking comb, with all she’s already lost, Kela can’t help but bring home her very own found treasure. 

Deep in the cold ocean, the mermaid Ophidia can feel that her comb has been taken. And despite her hatred of all humans, her magic requires that she make a bargain: the comb in exchange for a wish. But what Kela wants most is for her mother to be alive. And a wish that big will exact an even bigger price . . .

Published by HarperCollins Canada

This edition features: 

Featured in the February 2022 'Finders Keepers' OwlCrate Jr box.

Photos by: @a.o.tales (from Instagram) and Babs Books

RP Quiz #516025 for Comb of Wishes by Lisa Stringfellow (BL: 4.7, Pts: 6, MG)

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