Amber and Dusk (Exclusive OwlCrate Edition)

Sylvie has grown up as an orphan in the Dusklands. Her strict guardians made her feel ashamed of her power to conjure illusions and made her feel like a walking curse. Sylvie decides to set off on an epic adventure to the royal palace, in an effort to show off her skills and earn a place in court. Once Sylvie arrives in the Amber City, she soon realizes that things at the palace are not what they appear, as she enters a deadly game for acceptance. Sylvie will have to train and learn how to harness her unique abilities if she wants to survive and make a name for herself in this harsh new world.

This edition features: 
* Exclusive color-swapped cover
* Signed by Lyra Selene

Featured in the December 2018 'Power Of Illusions' OwlCrate box.

Photos by: @maddyandbooks and @xiomys_book_tales (from Instagram)

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