Mirage (Exclusive Signed Edition)

Adventure comes for Amani in a way she never could've expected. She is kidnapped from her village, and taken captive in the royal palace. There she discovers that she has an uncanny resemblance to the much revered and hated Princess Maram. Amani is forced to impersonate the princess during public appearances, fearing for her life at every turn. One wrong move could cost her everything.

Mirage is a stunning debut, with a sci-fi fantasy setting inspired by author Somaiya Daud's Moroccan background. We were completely blown away by the world building and beautiful writing! We hope you enjoy this exclusive signed edition (complete with special design under the dust jacket!).

Your purchase includes:
* Mirage by Somaiya Daud (exclusive edition signed by the author).

Featured in the September 2018 'Masters of Disguise' OwlCrate box.

Photos by: @emas_book_heaven and @hufflepuffbibliophile (from Instagram)

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