OwlCrate Jr

No One Leaves the Castle (OwlCrate Jr Edition)

No One Leaves the Castle is a hilarious and original new fantasy-mystery story from author Christopher Healy. The bard songs say that the Lilac is the world’s most fearsome bounty hunter. That there’s no criminal she can’t catch, no mystery she can’t solve. Well, none of that is true. Yet. In reality, the Lilac is just a kid and the bard is her best friend Dulcinetta. Eager to make a name for themselves, they agree to investigate the disappearance of a priceless artifact from a famed monster hunter's home. And that’s all before the dead body is discovered...

Published by HarperCollins Canada.

This edition features: 

  • Exclusive cover
  • Signed bookplate and author letter from Christopher Healy
  • Exclusive reading guide

Featured in the August 2023 'Whodunit?' OwlCrate Jr box.

Photos by: @a.o.tales (on Instagram)

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