OwlCrate December 2015 'GET INSPIRED' Box

This is a one-time purchase of the December 2015 'GET INSPIRED' OwlCrate.

If you are interested in beginning a subscription or a 3/6 month plan, please click HERE to go to our main website.

Your purchase includes:

Da Vinci's Tiger by Laura Malone Elliott (first edition hardcover)
* Exclusive Da Vinci's Tiger Magnetic Poetry
* To-Do List ( Boy Girl Party )
* What I Read' Journal ( Potterstyle ) OR...'Books to Check Out' Journal ( Imagineering/Chronicle Books )
* 'The Little Prince' Magnet ( Sandra Vargas )
* 'Reading at the Cafe' Mini Candle ( Frostbeard )

Photos by: @thedarkestpartsofsnow (from Instagram)

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