OwlCrate Jr


This is a one-time purchase of the December 2021 'SECRET CITIES' OwlCrate Jr Box.

Your purchase includes:

Escape from Atlantis by Kate O'Hearn (Exclusive Signed OwlCrate Jr edition)
     * Reversible dust jacket artwork by Sylvia Bi 
* Author letter bound in book from Kate O'Hearn
* Narnia-inspired Scarf (designed by Michelle Gray)
* Oz-inspired Thermal Lunch Bag (designed by Janine Lecour)
* Rivendell Jigsaw Puzzle (designed by Sam Dawson)
* The Last Shadow Warrior-inspired Enamel Pendant (designed by That’s Lovely Dear Shop)
* City of Ember-inspired Bookmark (designed by Hey Atlas Creative)
* 'Secret Cities' Collectible Sticker (designed by Laura Trinder)

Photos by: Babs Books, @pages.for.dawn, and @a.o.tales (from Instagram)

Graphic by: Hey Atlas Creative

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