OwlCrate Jr


What would you do if the stories you imagined leaped off the page and came true in your world? Dive into this creativity-minded box and discover a heartfelt mystery with just a pinch of magic that explores the power of words.

This is a one-time purchase of the July 2022 'JUMP OFF THE PAGE' OwlCrate Jr Box.

Your purchase includes:
J.R. Silver Writes Her World by Melissa Dassori (Exclusive OwlCrate Jr edition)
* Signed author letter from Melissa Dassori, bound in book
* Kiki Kallira-inspired Color Pencils (designed by Melissa Blair)
* Comic Book Notebook (from The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild)
* Creativity Deck (designed by Michelle Gray)
* Inkheart-inspired Drawstring Bag (designed by Jo Ung - Letterpiece)
* Book Bug Battle Puzzle (designed by Luma Wildish)
* J.R. Silver Collectible Card (designed by Andrew Kolb)

Photo by: Babs Books and @a.o.tales (on Instagram)

Graphic by: Hey Atlas Creative

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