OwlCrate Jr

OwlCrate Jr 'MAP IT OUT' Box

Pack your bags and get ready to chart a course to your next reading destination! Our book this month is an imaginative adventure that brings maps to life. With limitless possibilities, where would you travel to?

This is a one-time purchase of the September 2022 'MAP IT OUT' OwlCrate Jr Box.

Your purchase includes:
MapMaker by Lisa Moore Ramée (Exclusive OwlCrate Jr edition)
     * Reversible dust jacket art by Jessica Gibson
* Signed bookplate and author letter from Lisa Moore Ramée
* Strangeworlds Travel Agency-inspired Sketchbook (designed by Jone Leal)
* Nevermoor-inspired Water Bottle Sleeve (designed by Jocelyn Kao)
* Middle Earth Compass (designed by Hey Atlas Creative)
* Literary Location Passport (designed by Steph Stilwell)
* The Unmapped Chronicles-inspired Paper Craft (designed by Vanessa Port)
* OwlCrate Jr Story Plots Scratch-Off Map (designed by Jana Curll)
* Walter Anderson Collectible Card (designed by Andrew Kolb)

Photos by: Babs Books and @a.o.tales (from Instagram)

Graphic by: Hey Atlas Creative

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