The In-Between (Exclusive Edition W/ Signed Bookplate, Author Letter, and Collectible Sticker)

Cooper is lost. Ever since his father left, he has withdrawn from his friends and family, only sharing his true feelings in his journal. But what is the deal with the pale, creepy girl who moved in next door,  and why won’t she stop staring at him?

The In-Between is a haunting and wonderfully thoughtful story from Rebecca K.S. Ansari, all about family, friendship, and what it means to be seen. Your OwlCrate Jr exclusive edition comes with a letter and signed bookplate from the author, plus our monthly collectible sticker.

Your purchase includes:
* The In-Between by Rebecca K.S. Ansari (exclusive edition)
* Author letter from Rebecca K.S. Ansari
* Signed bookplate
* February 'Write It Down' collectible sticker

Featured in the February 2021 'Write It Down' OwlCrate Jr box.

Photos by: @bookskidslove_ and @storybookcook (from Instagram)

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