OwlCrate Jr

The Mirrorwood (Exclusive OwlCrate Jr Edition)

​​Fable has been cursed by the Blight, a twisted enchantment that leaves her without a face of her own and an outcast that no one trusts. When a fierce Blighthunter comes to kill Fable to stop her curse from spreading, Fable narrowly escapes by fleeing into the woods surrounding her small village. Along with Moth, her opinionated feline companion, Fable will soon discover that this perilous realm may be the only chance she has to break her curse and find her true self.

The Mirrorwood is a wonderfully twisted tale by Deva Fagan, packed with magic, adventure, and mystery!

This edition features: 
* Exclusive cover
* Signed by Deva Fagan
* Author letter from Deva Fagan
* Reversible dust jacket artwork by Laura Trinder
* Exclusive foil stamp on the hardcover case designed by Lichen & Limestone
* Fable Collectible Card (designed by Andrew Kolb)

Featured in the April 2022 'Twisted Tales' OwlCrate Jr box.

Photos by: @pages.for.dawn and @xiomys_book_tales (from Instagram), and Babs Books

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