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Willodeen (Exclusive Signed Edition w/ Author Letter and Collectible Sticker)

Willodeen loves the strange smelly beasts called screechers, but the rest of the villagers in Perchance think they are terrible pests. When the screechers are eliminated, the beloved hummingbear population also starts to decline. Could they be connected? A magical handmade gift may be the key!

Willodeen is the latest novel by Katherine Applegate. Your signed edition features an exclusive cover, a special letter from the author, and a collectible sticker designed by Sonny Ross! Published by Macmillan.

Your purchase includes:
* Willodeen by Katherine Applegate (Signed exclusive edition)
* Author letter from Katherine Applegate
* September 'Creature Communities' collectible sticker

Featured in the September 2021 'Creature Communities' OwlCrate Jr box.

Photos by: @pages.for.dawn (from Instagram) and Babs Books

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