'Omen Of Ice' Book Club Readalong Final Day!

By: Jordan Fleming

Amber and I are BACK this September for a fun new readalong! We're about to start our monthly discussion for our August YA book, Omen Of Ice by Jus Accardo!

As a reminder, from now on, our monthly discussions will be both here on the OwlCrate blog AND on The Nest! Go check out Amber's discussion that will be full of fun extras like bookish charades, shelf scavenger hunts and coloring pages!

On each day we'll read a section of Omen Of Ice, both on the blog and in The Nest's group, and then discuss in the comments our theories and predictions. This means there will be spoilers for each section! Beware! 

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for chapters 36-39 of Omen Of Ice, so make sure you read or are finished this section before continuing.

I just...have a lot of good things to say about Daroose. He's a good ken. 

Chapter Thirty-Six (Valen):

Liani tells Valen that Servis never loved Aphelian and only sought to take her magic for himself to usurp Delkin. 

She tells them how she has been taking Valen's magic since he was just a child. Delkin grabs Liani by the throat but is jumped by ten winter guards. Tania and Valen fight together as well. 

They defeat their attackers and go to look for Liani who is facing off against a massive black horse that grabs her by the neck and tosses at Keltania. Keltania tells the kelpie to protect Valen at all costs. 

Levina emerges from the trees to reveal that she's not Levina at all, but Aphelian. 

Chapter Thirty-Seven (Keltania):

Keltania is disbelieving and asks how it is that Levina could be Aphelian when druids are human. 

Aphelian tells them of how she hid herself in history, portraying different druids over the years in order to grow the Order. She tells the group about how she manipulated Liani as well before killing her right in front of them. Valen finally agrees to accept the crown and then turn it over to Aphelian. She continues to warn and manipulate, finally agreeing to change the link between Valen and Keltania so that it does not kill Keltania. She warns Keltania that the fae will ultimately betray her. 

Chapter Thirty-Eight (Valen):

They return to the castle where Valen waits to be crowned King. Valen asks Delkin what he thinks of him being with Keltania and his father warns against it. He tells them that while humans are diverting, their lives are ultimately short and that kind of change and equality takes a lot of time. 

Keltania shows up and Delkin takes his leave. 

Chapter Thirty-Nine (Valen):

Valen returns Aphelian's tear to Keltania. He asks Keltania to stay and she mentions that Daroose will have to as well. 

While neither of them admit their feelings to each other they agree that they're friends. 

Someone comes to find the Winter Lord. There is a situation. 

What an abrupt ending! What did you think?

Want more readalongs? Amber and I will be BACK on September 1st to start our August Adult book, Masters Of Death by Olivie Blake!



  1. 🌪 Did you suspect that Daroose was a magnificent stallion?
    🤯 Did you suspect that Levina was Aphelian?
  3. 👑Valen is the King! But, what could the situation be?


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