May 2021 'SAGAS & SWORDS' Unboxing!

By: Shanleigh Klassen

Become the stuff of legends with our May 2021 'SAGAS & SWORDS' box, featuring an action-packed (and hilarious) story all about modern Vikings and, of course, Norse Mythology!

This box is absolutely packed with fun and useful items inspired by some of our favorite characters from Norse lore. We hope you enjoy the adventure that awaits you! Here is everything we included in the box:

Our book for May 2021 The Last Shadow Warrior by Sam Subity. This story wonderfully blends contemporary characters and settings with ancient folklore to create an adventure worthy of the Gods!

This story is perfect for fans of Magnus Chase, Percy Jackson, Thor & Loki, and Holly Black's The Iron Trial.

Book cover of 'The Last Shadow Warrior' by Sam Subity, with green author letter peeking out of the book. Cover shows a white girl with red hair centered, a white boy with dark hair to her left, and an Asian American girl with black hair and yellow wings above the two others. Cover is mostly green with a castle in the background. Book is surrounded by small white flowers.

"12-year-old Abby comes from a long line of elite Viking warriors and has trained her whole life to hunt the Aesir's greatest foe: the Grendel. But after a monstrous attack leaves her father in a coma and she learns that her swanky new private school may have more than one secret buried under ground, Abby embarks on a dangerous quest to save her dad and protect her family's legacy!"

Our beautiful OwlCrate Jr edition of this book is signed by the author and features an exclusive cover made just for us! Your copy also comes with an author letter from Sam Subity.

Photo by @lostinbookworld.

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So You Want to be a Viking? You may change your mind after reading this book... Learn all the tricks of the trade with this hilarious and fact-filled guide by Georgia Amson-Bradshaw with illustrations by Takayo Akiyama. Published by Thames & Hudson

Let Freya—Norse Goddess of blessings, love, and fertility—and her trusty chariot cats keep your reading material in divine condition with this awesome book sleeve! Designed by EJ Chong.

Join Odd on a journey to save Asgard with your new jumbo bookmark, inspired by Odd & The Frost Giants and created just for us by our friends at CraftedVan! Please note, due to an unforeseen shipping issue, this item replaces the enamel necklace listed in the magazine.

Use these Viking Saga Sticky Notes to leave your friends funny messages, or to mark favourite passages in your books!

Bring Mighty Thor and that trickster Loki to life with these incredible paper crafts designed by Karthik Nagarajan of Art of Karthik. *Check out our Creativity Corner for more details on this activity!*

Our collectible sticker for May 2021 was beautifully designed by ToucanTango.

And finally, our monthly magazine, featuring an interview with Sam, info and instructions on our Thor and Loki paper craft, and an interview with artist Karthik. Cover art by Melanie Demmer and interior designed by Michelle Gray.

Now go forth and have an adventure, reader!

Cover photo by @a.o.tales

Extras of the SAGAS & SWORDS box are available now for purchase in the OwlCrate Shop. Grab one for the young warrior in your life!

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