'The Last Shadow Warrior' Read-Along: Chapters 19 - 29 [End]

By: Shanleigh Klassen

“Hope for the best, but prepare for battle.” - Sam Subity

Welcome to Day 3 of our read along for The Last Shadow Warrior by Sam Subity! As our story comes to a close, secrets are revealed, battles ensue, but Abby’s adventure is far from over.

This is our final SPOILER discussion for The Last Shadow Warrior, covering Chapters 19 - 29. If you haven’t finished the book yet but you plan to, please wait to read any further! Lots is revealed below.

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The story concludes…

Abby follows Mr. Lodbrok into a secret room, but then suddenly finds herself on a Viking raid simulation, fighting side-by-side with a Viking Queen who looks exactly like Abby’s mom. Gwynn and Grimsby receive word that Abby’s dad has been moved to the ICU in Asgard, but they still need to find the final rune to complete their quest.

Abby checks her mother’s workbench located in Asgard’s forge for a clue she might have left behind. Instead, she finds a metal spoon tucked away in a hidden drawer. When one of the forge’s blacksmiths attacks Abby, she realizes that he’s the eyeless motorcycle giant from before! She escapes the giant and runs almost immediately into Professor Roth. 

In Roth’s office, Abby sees the final rune in the courtyard pond from above, just as Iggy had said. Abby catches Grimsby and Gwynn up as they head to the pond. When Grimsby falls in, Abby and Gwynn follow and find themselves in a secret underground cave full of the svefnthorn flowers needed to save Abby’s dad. Grimsby and Abby grab one of the flowers, but for some reason the final rune doesn’t light up the journal like the others had.

Grimsby leads the others into another cave before succumbing to the small prick he received from one of the flowers. Just then, the janitor that has popped up all throughout Vale enters the cave, revealing himself as the owner of the botanical journal and orchestrator of their quest. He is the Grendel, and he’s been after Abby this whole time.

The Grendel invites Abby to join him, just as he had offered to Abby’s mother before he killed her. Using the spoon—actually a Viking battle-ax—Abby faces off against the Grendel. Just as things look their worst, a wave of energy explodes out of Abby, throwing the Grendel against one of the cave’s columns and injuring him. Abby and her friends narrowly escape the collapsing cave, leaving the Grendel behind. Using the flower petal found in Grimsby’s pocket, both Grimsby and Abby’s father are saved.

One week later, Abby is brought back in front of the Grey Council who explain that they could find no evidence of the Grendel in the caves beneath Vale and continue to not believe Abby or her friends. Doc brings in Abby’s missing Aunt Jess to back up Abby’s story, as there is clearly more to come and warns Abby to be ready.


1. Why do you think the Grey Council doesn’t want to believe Abby that the Grendel is still alive?

2. What adventures do you want to see Abby, Grimsby, and Gwynn on next? 

3. And the most important question of all, did you enjoy the book? Which was your favourite part?

Thank you all so much! Don't forget to join us for our live author chat with Sam Subity on Tuesday, June 22nd. Happy reading!

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