On The 12th Day Of Magic, Ozwald Gave To Me…

On The 12th Day Of Magic, Ozwald Gave To Me…

Thanks so much for such a fabulous run of Advent Unboxing videos, Christianne! We are so glad you enjoyed that final item!

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We hope you enjoy your Enchanted Rose Corduroy Tote!


Remember, in an earlier post. where we said we put a lot of thought into the order in which items were to be opened? We saved this adorable tote for last on purpose!

Now you can package all your bookish items, your e-reader (if you have one), those warm socks, tasty tea, and an extra book or two into your cute new bag and head off through your favourite magical doorway for some cozy winter reading!

This is the third item designed by Lauren at  Keely Studios (@keelystudios). We love the delicate rose design that has that little sprinkle of magic. 

“We wanted an item that had a subtle nod to one of everyone's favourite classic, Beauty and the Beast, and all the retellings like ACOTAR, A Curse so Dark and Lonely, and so on. A beautiful green corduroy bag with a double strap, pockets, and a dainty rose-embroidered label - designed by Keely Studios.”



A Peek Behind the Scenes…


Adorable, functional, durable - and there's a pocket! What more can you ask for in a little tote? 

This item was on the list of potentials from day one and, of course, the colour green was chosen to match our box's colour scheme.  A Beauty and the Beast item was also always in the running - the original story and all the retellings. We hope you like it!


We also want to give a shout-out to our very own Cheryl (@a.o.tales) for taking such beautiful unboxing photos we have used in our blog posts and on social media. They are all glorious and we love love them. 

A big thank you to Christianne and Marlena as well. Not only for great unboxing content but for having the power to wait as long as they did before peeking. 

We hope you enjoyed all your goodies, had a great holiday, and have a happy new year!

There have been some really fun and amazing unboxings online and we love them! 
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