Shipping Updates

*Learn more about the global shipping crisis here: Bloomberg / New York Times / New Statesman.


Last updated 12/01/2021

Hey bookworms! Since the start of the pandemic we have faced many challenges when it comes to shipping. As of right now we are experiencing difficulties with delays in receiving our items from our suppliers due to the increased demands on manufacturing and not having enough containers and boats to meet this demand. We are doing everything we can to plan even further in advance to help decrease these delays, but we are anticipating that some of our upcoming boxes and books may need to ship late. We will be updating this page whenever we have new information to share. If you have any additional questions about anything please don't hesitate to reach us at We're here to help! 

Worried your OwlCrate/OwlCrate Jr gift may not be delivered by a certain date? We have created printable and downloadable gift enclosures. Non-holiday versions can be found here and here. Print one out and slip it into a card, or email it so your gift recipient has something fun to open that lets them know bookish magic is on the way!

November 'Dreaming in the Dark' OwlCrate Boxes

  • We are still waiting for one final item to arrive. We have made the decision to ship the November boxes without this item (we will ship the item separately once it arrives). We emailed our subscribers with this info to let them know.
  • We are currently anticipating that these boxes will ship on December 6th, 7th and 8th. Thank you so much for your patience!

  • 12 Days of OwlMas Advent Calendar

  • Everything has arrived and our team are currently packing the boxes! Yay!
  • We currently anticipate shipping these in early December. As soon as we have a concrete shipping date we will update this page.
  • Please note that if you are shipping this item internationally, it will not arrive in time to start opening the gifts on Dec. 13th.
  • You can still purchase this special limited edition box by clicking here!

  • December 'Beneath the Waves' OwlCrate Boxes

  • We are currently waiting for multiple items to arrive. As soon as they are delivered, and our team finish shipping out the November boxes, they will begin packing December.
  • We currently anticipate that this box will ship out late December/early January. We will continue to update this page as we find out more info about possible shipping timelines.

    December 'Secret Cities' OwlCrate Jr Boxes

  • We are currently waiting for a couple of items to arrive. As soon as they are delivered our team will begin packing these boxes.
  • We currently anticipate that this box will ship mid-late December. If anything changes we will update this page!

  • Clock of Stars: Beyond the Mountain Limited Edition Book

  • The books have arrived at our warehouse and our team are currently prepping them for shipping. Yay!
  • As soon as we have an estimated shipping date we will update this page, but it shouldn't be too much longer.
  • You can still order this special book by clicking here!

    Cara Kozik Mugs

  • These mugs have finished production and are currently on their way to us. However, we anticipate that it will still be multiple weeks before they arrive at our warehouse.
  • We are currently anticipating that these pre-orders will begin shipping in January. Check back closer to January for more updates!
  • This pre-order is now closed.

    OwlCrate Shop Orders 

  • We are consistently shipping out shop orders every 5-7 business days!

    International Shipping Updates

  • Around the world shipping restrictions, processing delays and service disruptions are changing daily. For the most up to date information about shipping to your country, please click here.

  • US Shipping Updates

  • We wanted to let you know that in these unprecedented times we have seen customers experiencing delivery delays, despite our boxes being shipped via priority mail. USPS has been overwhelmed with packages this year due to COVID and many packages are arriving late. We’ve also noticed tracking information is often updated sporadically or not at all, but packages still arrive. This is an issue nationwide and all businesses are being affected.

  • Thank you all so much for your patience and support! We feel so grateful to be able to send you magical things in the mail, and we hope these bookish packages bring you extra joy. We're all in this together! Stay safe, and happy reading!