Everything You Need to Know About Our August STEEPED IN FOLKLORE Theme!

By: OwlCrate .

Here's what you can expect to find in our August 2022 box...

About the book:

Our August book is a magical standalone fantasy inspired by Welsh mythology, about a girl who is the last living water diviner. It reads as a perfect mix of a heist story with dark fairy tale elements, and the cast of characters are to die for!

We will be including a beautiful exclusive edition of the book which will feature an exclusive cover, a reversible dust jacket, exclusive foil designs on the front AND back of the hardcover case, and exclusive end pages too. Every book will also be SIGNED and come with a letter from the author!

About the rest of the goodies: 

Items included will be inspired by The Lord of the Rings, Six Crimson Cranes, Uprooted, The Wolf and the Woodsmen, plus one fandom-neutral item!

The LOTR item will be the next ceramic bowl in our ongoing collection with artist Janine Lecour!

Our Literary Luggage Pin for this month will be inspired by Fable!

Sneak Peek #1:

August Sneak Peek Kim Ekdahl!

Every August STEEPED IN FOLKLORE box will include an exclusive item designed by Kim Ekdahl (@pinktofu_art)! Kim has helped design a beautiful crafty item that we think you’ll love using this summer! We absolutely love Kim’s vibrant illustration style, and she went all out for this item.

Dust Jacket Artist Reveal:

August Dust Jacket Artist Gabriella Bujdoso

Every August book will feature a reversible dust jacket with artwork by @gabriella.bujdoso!

Gabriella has been an artist on our ‘bucket list’ of people we’d love to work with, and we’re so excited about the illustration she’s created. It is truly epic and features SEVEN characters!

Sneak Peek #2:

August Sneak Peek Riddle's Tea Shoppe!

Every August box will include an exclusive loose leaf tea blend from the magical people at @riddlesteashoppe! 🍵⁠

We can’t wait for you to try out this special tea, created just for this box! Riddle’s Tea Shoppe are a small business based out of Baltimore who we simply adore collaborating with. They put so much love into their creations, and this blend is no exception. It will pair perfectly when reading our atmospheric August book pick!⁠

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