Here's What You Can Expect From February 2024 LOVE AT FIRST BITE Adult Fantasy Theme

By: OwlCrate .



Our February Adult book is a sweet and spicy paranormal romance featuring star-crossed lovers and a life-changing mystery! When our protagonist, (a vampire who's not really interested in being a proper vampire,) finds herself in an arranged marriage with the leader of the werewolf pack, she must learn to navigate her tension-filled new life deep in enemy territory. But there are mysteries in her past that have not yet been laid to rest, and when her head wars with her heart, our vampire protagonist soon realizes that she's in deep trouble. After all, this just might be love at first bite!⁠

This Month's Book Will Feature:

🖤 Redesigned cover illustrated by @victoriaalessandriart
🖤 Reversible dust jacket illustrated by @yorqia
🖤 Signed by the author⁠
🖤 Fully printed hardcover case artwork by @_quinnasaurus
🖤 Character art end pages (different front and back) illustrated by @svanhaart
🖤 Author letter bound into the book⁠
🖤 Bonus content bound into the book⁠

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Please note that this is a BOOK ONLY subscription and all books included in this new Adult Fantasy subscription are recommended for ages 18+ by the publishers and may contain mature content.⁠

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