'Immortal Longings' Book Club Readalong Day 7!

By: Jordan Fleming Photo By: @a.o.tales

Amber and I are BACK this August for a fun new readalong! We're about to start our monthly discussion for our July Adult book (recommended by those 18+), Immortal Longings by Chloe Gong!

As a reminder, from now on, our monthly discussions will be both here on the OwlCrate blog AND on The Nest! Go check out Amber's discussion that will be full of fun extra content!

On each day we'll read a section of Immortal Longings, both on the blog and in The Nest's group, and then discuss in the comments our theories and predictions. This means there will be spoilers for each section! Beware! 

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for chapters 21-25 of Immortal Longings, so make sure you read or are finished this section before continuing.

Please don't kill Anton, please don't kill Anton...

•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•

Chapter Twenty-One:

After Calla tells August who was behind her attack, he investigates Pampi. August realizes that she does not exist when her name and identification number aren't found in San-Er's system. 


So August goes to the Hollow Temple under the suspicion that this is an inside job and that foreign intrusion isn't at play. 


August sees Pampi inside the temple but ignores her. She frowns, greets him and follows him. August questions Pampi wanting to know who she is working for. She baits him and August slices her throat. There is no one for her to jump into so she pitches sideways and dies. 




On the tenth morning, Calla rises early. She grabs a rusted dagger that Chami has provided her, remembering her sword has been lost and leaves the diner. 


Calla wanders the streets to San-Er's cliffs and finds another player, number 19. He attacks her with a chain and Calla has a difficult time fighting him because of her injury. Suddenly Eno shows up and pushes 19 off the cliff. 


Eno wonders where she and Anton have been as they're allies and he suggests finding him. Calla ignores him but Eno walks alongside her. Calla tells him he should pull the chip from his wristband and Eno quietly agrees that he may. 


Calla hears a beef, it's her pager. August has provided her with a target and she asks Eno to tag along. 

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Calla and Eno make their way to Gold Stone Street where another player is supposed to be found.

Calla tells Eno to stand watch as she climbs higher to get a better look around. Calla hears a "Hey" and she calls out for Eno who does not answer. Two people run toward Calla and she lands a dagger in one of the attacker's eyes. She whips the chain at the other man and chokes him.

Calla questions the man about who sent him after her. He tells her that he doesn't know but that they have black eyes. Calla is enraged and kills the man. She goes to look for Eno who has been killed.

Calla is sad and angry and is going after Anton Makusa, who has black eyes.

Chapter Twenty-Three:

Calla goes to Anton's apartment where he's wearing a new body. She accuses him of sending the hitmen after her but Anton is confused. He tells her he doesn't know what she's talking about and is surprised that Eno is dead. 

Calla lunges at him with her dagger and Anton fights back, telling her that she's got it wrong. 

He disarms Calla and slams her up against the wall, telling her to stop. She kicks him down, grabs the dagger and swipes it down into thin air. Anton has flipped the dagger on her but doesn't make the kill. He asks her if this is what she wants and she says yes, kissing him. When he pulls away and relaxes she grabs her chains and puts them around his neck. 

He tells her to kill him. 

Instead, they embrace each other violently, and Anton tells her he didn't send the hitmen. Calla knows. 


Later that night Calla stirs and realizes that Anton has rescued her sword from the Crescent Society. She settles back, considering that she could still kill him but decides against it. 

Chapter Twenty-Four:

Anton awakes to find Calla gone. He searches for her until he makes his way up to the rooftop where she's smoking a cigarette.

Calla tells him that she feels she can't trust him because he's always jumping into different bodies, and that she doesn't know who Anton really is.

Anton reassures her and Calla admits she only entered the games in order to kill King Kasa. She asks Anton if he'd consider dropping out of the games but he refuses.

Calla tells him she has a plan for how they can live but still be victorious. She tells Anton that she will pull her chip before the final battle of the games and use August to get into King Kasa's presence and murder him.

Anton suggests that Calla just take the throne for herself but she does not want it. Calla makes to leave but August stops her and asks her to stay until the day begins.

They kiss.

Chapter Twenty-Five:

Calla meets August in the coliseum marketplace. A woman grabs Calla asking her to follow her for treats and Calla accepts a cake as the woman tells her that she will soon lose her stall due to increasing fees. 

Calla hears a bang from the stall over. It's August in a borrowed body. She gives the woman her coins and goes to see August. 

She tells August that she needs his help and tells him her alternate proposal to get King Kasa off the throne. She tells August that she doesn't want to win by killing every player and August accuses her of going soft for Anton. 

Calla realizes that August was the one who sent the hitmen after her, fearing her idle for too long. 

Calla is angry that August is testing her and she grabs him, promising to kill Kasa and threatens August. He tells her to meet him at the wall tomorrow near sunset to help him with something and admits that there is something odd going on with the royal guards. 

Calla makes to leave and August warns her that the love she feels for Anton isn't love, that it's obsession. Calla asks August how he would know. 

•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•

TBH at this point, I'd happily put my sword through August. 


  1. 🤥 Who do you think is working with the Crescent Society inside the palace?
    ❓ Do you think August will get a redemption arc?
  3. 🔪 Will both Anton and Calla win the games?

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