Here's What You Can Expect From Our June 2024 ONE STEP AHEAD Young Adult Theme

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Our June book takes place in a Qing Dynasty-inspired world and follows our young protagonist who had just witnessed her father's assassination. Disguised as her bother, she must infiltrate an all-male apprenticeship trial in order to find the suspect. Armed with nothing but her father's journal and a mysterious pendant, she faces danger at every corner. To complicate matters, she becomes entangled with a handsome and ambitious prince. Will she pass her trials and more importantly, who will she become at the end of this?

This Month's Book Will Feature:

Our OwlCrate Exclusive Edition will feature: ⁠

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Items included in this box will be inspired by A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Prison Healer, The Scholomance Series and The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi. ⁠⁠

Our next pin in the ✨Perfect Pairings Pin Collection✨ (designed by will be inspired by The Poppy Wars. As a reminder, these pins are only available individually inside our monthly boxes!⁠ 

⁠⁠We can also confirm our next stackable mug will be featured in this box! ⁠

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