Sweet & Bitter Magic Readalong Day 2

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @rae

Hello! Cori here for day two of the Sweet & Bitter Magic readalong! Ready to dive back in?

Remember, the following text will spoil chapters 5-7 of the book, so only continue if you're caught up! Feel free to go at your own pace, you're welcome to come back another day to join in the discussion. Head to the end for today's questions! 


Chapter Five:
While attempting her regular afternoon nap, Tamsin wakes to her cottage covered in lily petals and the diary yet again taunting her with another entry from her sister, again appearing to feel bitter towards Tamsin.
Wren appears and hands her a letter from the high councilor that had been attached to her door, inviting her to return Within to hunt for the dark witch responsible for the plague. Wren reveals to Tamsin that she is a source and wants to hunt the dark witch; Tamsin agrees to go with her, but only for a price.

Chapter Six:
The price it turns out is quite steep! Tamsin wants the love Wren has for her father. Deciding this price is too high, Wren goes home only to discover her father has now completely forgotten her. Realizing that keeping her love for her father has now value if he ends up dead anyways, Wren decides to return to Tamsin and take her up on her offer. They agree that Tamsin can have a little of the love now, and at the end of their quest can claim the rest. They seal the deal with a kiss!


Chapter Seven:
Kiss complete, Tamsin also binds them by giving them both unbreakable ribbons around the necks which will strangle them if the pact is broken. Nice security feature! They head out on the quest. First passing through town, they see a procession from Farn, the queen’s city. Noticing the carts are being pulled by men, it’s revealed that the horses were taken by giant spiders. No thank you! They start their journey north.

Alright, friends! That's the end of today's section and we're officially on the road! Who doesn't love a good road trip? I suspect it may not be the fun vacation we would normally love to have. GIANT SPIDERS? *shudders*

Why do you think Tamsin is such a powerful witch, while Marlena suffered so much trying to perform magic?

Do you think the Wood will try to prevent Tamsin from entering? If yes, how so?

Do you have any particular theories of who this new dark witch may be?

Why do you think Amma didn’t flee when Tamsin cast her dark magic?