The Ones We're Meant to Find Readalong Day 4!

By: Cori Reed Photo By: @thepeonyinink

Welcome back to day four of our The Ones We're Meant to Find readalong!

Today we're reading chapters 14-23! We're over halfway done! As always avoid the chapter summaries until you're all caught up! Come back when you're finished to discuss today's questions.

To the summaries!


Chapter 14:
Actinium joins Kasey at the end of the pier and she admits to him that should could probably help P2C, but doesn’t want to.

 Chapter 15:

Cee is dangling half way down the cliff, and the boy manages to help her down a bit further before she falls to the ground. He relocates her dislocated shoulder and they are able to slowly make it back to the house. Cee is feels guilty for being suspicious of the boy, wondering if he untied the rope. When the boy doesn’t come back at nightfall, Cee goes looking for him and joins him on the beach. She decides his name is Hero. A little smooching happens. ;)

Chapter 16:
On the way back to the eco-city Kasey links into the feed of the P2C meeting. The current plan will lead to hundreds of million dead people by the time it starts to work. When asking if anyone had a better proposal, Kasey unmutes herself and says she does.

Chapter 17:
Cee wakes from a dream drowning in the ocean, she attempts to swim back to shore and is saved by Hero. After sleeping for a day, Cee and Hero go outside to find all of the logs for Leona gone.
Cee decides to make a mattress boat out of M.M.s bed, and Hero appears with an oar he made for her. They go on a walk and while having a heart to heart we get the title! I love it when we find that! 

“ I don’t think either of us came here by choice.” Fair enough. “ And I think we have even less choice over the ones we’re meant to find.”

Hero leaves her to sleep on the beach and in the morning Cee heads out to dea.

Chapter 18:
Kasey reveals her plan: send all of humanity into stasis in underwater eco-cities that were part of failed experiment but are structurally sound and wait out the climate until it stabilizes again. The P2C agrees, and Kasey agrees to help convince the world, on two conditions…

Chapter 19:
Two days out to sea Cee has a memory of being in a boat with Kay, and memories of the island and Leona start coming back to her. Once she snaps out of it she notices someone swimming towards her.


Chapter 20:
Kasey and Actinium (one of her conditions is she could pick a partner of her choice) present to an auditorium full of people with questions. The stasis would be full general anesthetic for 1000 years. A person asks who they can be absolutely sure the earth will be habitable in that time, which prompts Kasey to consider breaking the law one more time.

Chapter 21:
The person boards the boat, and it’s Hero - but unfortunately it’s the Hero from that first night who wanted to kill her. Uh-oh!

Chapter 22:
Back in eighth grade Kasey was experimenting with coding human brains into robots, not seeing anything wrong with the idea. The PC2 thought differently though and David struck a deal, rather than evict her from the eco-city, they would instead submit her to science sanctions, an Intraface modified with trackers and a tweaked biomonitor. Kasey’s second condition was that she have these sanctions removed.

Chapter 23:
Hero grabs her throat and with one final kick to his abdomen that tumble into the sea.

That was today's section! Just what is Kasey up to? And what will happen to our hero Cee? On to the questions!



1. Do you think Kasey’s plan is going to work? What do you think her plan is to ensure conditions on earth become liveable again?

2. Why do you think Hero again turned violent?

3. Do you think Kasey has some ulterior motives after her comment about not wanting to help? 

4. Do you think Cee’s dreams of a destroyed eco-city mean anything, or were they simply dreams?

5. What do you think is next for Cee and Hero now that they’re overboard?