This Dark Descent

"This Dark Descent" Readalong Day 2

Amber and I are BACK this November for a fun new readalong! We're about to start our monthly discussion over on The Nest for our October YA book "This Dark Descent" by Kalyn Josephson!

Remember! You Need To Find Us On The Nest!

As a reminder, our interactive monthly discussions will be on The Nest! Go check out Amber's discussion that will be full of fun extras like bookish charades, shelf scavenger hunts and coloring pages!

On each day, Amber and the mods will read a section of This Dark Descent   in The Nest's group, and then discuss in the comments our theories and predictions. This means there will be spoilers for each section! Beware! 

Just a reminder, today will be a SPOILER filled reaction for chapters 7-12  of This Dark Descent, so make sure you're finished before checking out the blog and the discussion group!

Adult Fantasy August Theme Follow The Breadcrumbs
photo by : @theproseandcons

This Dark Descent Readalong

This month, as the team is heading into Black Friday and our end of the year wrap up, rather than a chapter by chapter breakdown, I'll be providing my thoughts on the book so far. 

Let us know over on The Nest if you agree with my mild to medium hot takes ;) 

Read these AFTER you're finished not as you go! 

Thoughts on Chapter Seven

  • There's something about the word “undulating” that I find uncomfy. Even if it's about flowers. 
  • Ah here's where I'm supposed to like Reid as much as I like Damien. I shall not be dissuaded. 
  • He is awkwardly uncharming. Is uncharming a word? It is now. 
  • Um can I go to the Adair stables and choose whatever horse I'd like to ride?
  • I always appreciate how thrilling racing a horse seems in a novel because in real life, it tends to go more sideways. 
  • Oooh the Illiniar is FOUR races? 
  • I'd be concerned too if I couldn't see the horse my enchanter was working on. 
  • Oh no there are Anthir in the manor. Not sure what they are but they sound bad. 

Thoughts On Chapter Eight

  • Well, Ari, I hear you but sometimes you gotta crack some heads like some eggs.
  • Though I'll be honest, I'm 10% less for Damien in this very moment. 
  • 10% more team Ari. Girl.
  • Ah the Anthir are there because of those dudes Damien kidnapped. LOL how are you getting out of that one. 
  • Ah yes, lying. I might have known. 
  • Ope he's almost caught but Ari saves him. Team Damari!
  • Yea Damien has some serious Kaz energy. So threatening. 
  • Oh to be a fly on the wall of this group of Four Of Horses. All that sass in one space. 
  • LOL Damien lying xD Of course he was the one behind it, Kira. Geez. 
  • “People can't just take people off the street”. Yes they can, it's called kidnapping, babes. 
  • Oh there's the “touch her and die energy" we are here for,  thanks Damien. 
  • Reid seems a little wound tight. Kira should be able to help him with that. Dirt on the floors - heaven forbid. 
  • I would like my own office full of gemstones, ty. 
  • Wow the Enderlish are jerks. 
  • Oh wow way to end that chapter on a less than flirty level. So sad!

Thoughts On Chapter Nine

  • Oh I know that feeling well, Kira. Riding keeps those thoughts away only until you're back on solid earth. 
  • Wow, Reid. You really know how to talk to a girl. 
  • Oh, Kira lost her best friend Talyana. I still think of my childhood besties as well. 
  • I'm realizing that Reid is just very “My Chemical Romance” so now I'm here for it. 
  • Except don't ask him about his tattoos.
  • Damien to the rescue again. He's pulling “Rhysand” in this chapter. 
  • AND HE'S CHARITABLE. Yall. I was right. 
  • Wait, how is winning the first race a bad plan?
  • Oh wait, yea don't paint a target on your back Kira. 
  • I agree, pretend you're terrible. Be terrible. Think terrible thoughts. Wait. 

Thoughts On Chapter Ten

  • WHAT? I want my horse to be able to sense danger and never get lost. He once got lost in his paddock. It's fully fenced.
  • Uh oh careful Ari, Kira is going to find out what you're making. 
  • Oooooh are those intrusive thoughts or is someone speaking to you, Ari?
  • Can someone take me to a fantasy world where I can go to a bookshop called Fox and Quill and then view a royal address? Is that too much to ask?
  • Oh there's a prince and a princess! I had little to no idea that they were there to announce the Illinir. Neat. Super Hunger Games of them. 
  • Also the King is a damn liar. 
  • Wait, there's another ball to attend
  • And excuse you, sir. That's enough. Unhand my heroines. 
  • Oh saved by another heroine. Thanks Lady Adair! Our third musketeer, it seems.
  • Why's Reid flushing at Shira, though? Oh myyy is he ever uncomfortable.

Thoughts On Chapter Eleven

  • Uh oh, Kira is mad at Damien. 
  • For good reason, the boy is hoarding secrets. 
  • So Rezek is everyone's trauma, isn't he?
  • Oh damn that sad, Kira. 
  • “You should see the other guy”. I approve.
  • Oh Kira's poor sisters. She's going to have to win that first race. 
  • Reid and Kira sitting in a…barn. 
  • I agree with Reid though, Kira is taking too many chances. 
  • Now she HAS to win. 

Thoughts On Chapter Twelve

  • We're onto Part 2 and it's got a fancy page about the Houses and the Harbingers!
  • Ari is almost finished the horse!
  • Kira is winning almost all her practice runs!
  • Loic seems…mid.
  • Well, no one else seems to like him either.
  • Oh poor Ari :(

Book Imagery Fun!

Just for fun here's my original graphic from curation's notes for This Dark Descent's cover! 

It was so fun to see that the curation team took my terrible original idea and had it made into the loveliest cover by @anta_arf

Book Imagery : This Dark Descent



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