'Violet Made of Thorns' Book Club Readalong Day 4!

By: OwlCrate . Photo By: @ shanayahreads

Welcome back to the fourth day of our book club readalong for OwlCrate's July book, Violet Made of Thorns!

Just a reminder that this will be a SPOILER discussion for Chapters 12-15 of Violet Made of Thorns, so make sure you read are finished this section before continuing.

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The story continues...

Chapter 12:
Cyrus announces that the wedding will be on the day before the autumn equinox, aka the last day of summer.

Violet is told to expect Raya that evening to read her threads, but when a knock finally comes at her door it is Cryus who arrives. He tells her he hopes to grow to love Raya, and that he needs Violet to leave, or it will eventually become clear that there is something between them. He even goes so far as to threaten to tell his father that they kissed. Raya still refuses, and leaving Cyrus decides it’s time to talk to the voice. She clears out the coins from the fountains, and taking a knife cuts her palm deeply - then faints.

Chapter 13:
Violet wakes in a sort of dream state, the voice talking to her once again. It instructs her to go out of her tower and touch her bloody palm to the vines - it turns them into a large, dagger like thorn. The voice tells her that she could use that thorn to kill the prince. They also reveal that no matter who dies, Cyrus or Violet, war will come and that it was Raya who brought the beasts to Auveny. Violet hears someone yell her name and the dream state shatters.

Raya wakes back on the floor beside the fountain - Dante found her collapsed outside. He’s been helping Cyrus take care of Raya. Violet decides to tell him everything the voice revealed, and they decide they need to find evidence that it is all true. Before he leaves, Dante needs to know she won’t take any evidence they find immediately to the king - he would use it to send armies south without delay.

Chapter 14:
A patron tells Violet that there is rot on her tower, and pretending to not know what he’s talking about goes to look. The rot from where she made the thorn has spread. Using a sharp knife Violet digs at the rot and although she doesn’t plan on using the thorn, she does want to see the prince fall from grace.

It’s the day Raya is to move into the palace and Violet decides that if Raya will not come to her, Violet will seek her out. Camilla finds Violet, and leading her to a group of ladies, shows off her blood vial necklace, trying to form a new trend. She is vocally disparaging of Raya. Violet offers to read Raya’s threads right there and then, in front of the crowd. Sitting at a table Violet sees some of Raya’s past - scared, but also confirming she brought the beasts. She sees a wedding, and then a disaster. Cyrus breaks her sight as she is crushing Raya’s hand and claims they have a meeting with his father, leading Violet away from the crowd.

Chapter 15:
Instead of taking her to his father, Cyrus leads Violet into a room and shuts them inside. She won’t reveal to him what she saw after he was so determined to banish her from the palace. They kiss again, and Violet leaves him behind, telling him to make a choice.

Back in her tower, Camilla pays a visit, and has successfully sussed out that there is perhaps something more going on between Cyrus and Violet. She tells her to be careful, leaving, to Violet’s great embarrassment, contraception behind.

That night Violet contemplates the thorn again, and the possibility of being able to kill Cyrus.



  1. Do you think there is someone instructing Raya, or controlling her? If so, who?
  2. The voice indicated that there is more to Violet's powers than she knows. What else do you think she has the ability to do?
  3. What sort of evidence do you think they'll be able to find against Raya?
  4. Who do you think entered the armoury Cyrus and Violet were "engaged" in? Do you think they saw what was happening?
  5. This book is full of courtly intrigue (just like July's theme!). Recommend another book that would fit the theme.

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