Whatcha Reading? July 2022

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Better late than never! Welcome back to Whatcha Reading? in which the OwlCrate team shares some of the great books they read recently!

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Fairytales of the Macabre by Olivie Blake
Fairytales of the Macabre

I don't read a lot of short story collections, but I picked up this one by Olivie Blake (author of TikTok fav The Atlas Six) and it is a new favorite. Each tale is darkly noir story that is unafraid to really go there. It's funny, yet gruesome. Lovely, yet disturbing. If you're looking to dip your toes into some short stories this collection would be a great place to start!






Clockwork Boys by T. Kingfisher
Clockwork Boys

I was on an indie published kick this month! Clockwork Boys was my first ever T. Kingfisher book and I have since read 5 more because needless to say I have a new favorite author! Clockwork Boys follows the classic fantasy quest genre, but really turns it on its head as most of the rag-tag group aren't particularly good at it. Also the main character has terrible allergies and is sneezing all the time (#relatable). 

This book was so fun and charming and had me hooked from the very first page. 



— Cori

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The Wicked Day by Mary Stewart
The Wicked Day
I've been obsessed with mythological retellings lately and The Wicked Day was the perfect book to read. The book follows the villainous Mordred of the Arthurian legends as he grows from willful, yet whimsical young boy into a man capable of both great deeds and great cruelty. Mary Stewart humanizes Mordred, breaking down the legends surrounding the figure into a compelling story that proves that the world is not so black and white.

The Wicked Day is the fourth book in Mary Stewart's Arthurian saga, but works wonderfully as a standalone. Deeply poetic, with delightful prose, this book is perfect for fans of Arthurian mythology and for history nerds. I also think this book would appeal to those who have a certain fondness for anti-heroes. ;)
— Teresa

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Fangirl, Vol. 2: The Manga by Rainbow Rowell, Sam Maggs and Gabi Nam
Fangirl Vol. 2

Very little brings me more joy than a dose of Cath and Levi. This didn't even make it to my bookshelf - I read it straight out of the box it was delivered in. Fangirl is definitely one of my favourite YA books and I love this manga adaptation. Volume 1 ended with the Emergency Dance Party and Volume 2 covered the gingerbread lattes and the reading of fan fiction and The Outsiders. IYKYK.




Book Lovers by Emily Henry
Book Lovers

This was great! I now understand the hype behind Emily Henry and will definitely be picking up her other books. A tropey, enemies to lovers rom-com that just ticked all the boxes - exactly what I needed to get me out of a reading slump. New Yorkers Nora and Charlie, a literary agent and book editor respectively, have had run-ins in the past but feelings change when, coincidentally, they find themselves in small town North Carolina for the summer. For someone like me who loves a good rom-com, this was perfect.

— Crystal


What great books have you read lately? Let us know in the comments!

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