Whatcha Reading? September 2022

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Which great books did Team OwlCrate read in September? Read on to find out!

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Babel by R.F. Kuang
Babel by R.F. Kuang

I'm not surprised I loved Babel - it's one of my most anticipated releases of the year. Dark Academia is my jam, and then mix in historical fantasy and examinations of colonialism and how translation and languages powered (and powers) the British empire. 

Robin is a Chinese boy raised in Britain, taught languages from an early age for the day when he will be admitted to Babel - the Royal Institution of Translation. Here students can learn silver-working: a magic infused in silver bars based on translations of languages. These bars contain many different powers, and they help Britain's colonial rule. Slowly Robin comes to realize that Babel isn't really working for the good of all he must decide if he has the power to change an institution, or if revolution is in sight.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

A Little Life by Hanya Yanigahara is one of my all time favorite books - but I would never recommend it to someone as it's completely devastating. Reading Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow was the first time I've ever read a book that gave me similar vibes, but in a far less devastating (although still somewhat devastating) way.

In it we follow Sam and Sadie, friends since childhood, over the course of over 30 years. They collaborate on the creation of a hit video game, launching them to stardom. This starts a course of events that leads to happiness, heartbreak, failure and the examination what it is to love and be loved.

— Cori

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When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill
When Women Were Dragons
After devouring The Ogress and the Orphans last year, I could not wait to get my hands on Kelly Barnhill's adult literary fiction debut. I was not disappointed. When Women Were Dragons takes place mostly through the eyes of our main character, Alex, shortly after The Mass Dragoning. Over the course of a single day in 1955, hundreds of thousands of ordinary women, many of them mothers and wives, spontaneously transformed into dragons and took to the skies, leaving behind their families and a charred trail of destruction. Through Alex's point of view, as well as letters, historical documents, and more, we see how afraid the general public is to learn about this life altering event, and the lengths they will go to prevent it from happening again with a younger generation of girls and women. But some things only grow stronger when you try to stifle them...
In different hands, the symbolism of dragons as a catchall for basically all things within the societal spectrum of feminism could have read as either very clunky or overly academic, but Barnhill brings this magical realist story and its characters to life in a way that feels real at every heartbreaking, infuriating, and uplifting turn.
— Sally

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Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Late to the party but so glad I made an appearance. I binge-read all four volumes of Heartstopper in about a week and it was amazing. I absolutely love these characters and it all felt like a warm and hopeful hug. I wasn’t in a reading slump per se but this was definitely the boost I needed. The story of Charlie and Nick falling in love is just charming. I also love the artwork. I read the series via WebToon so it was all black and white so I did miss out on the beautiful washes of colour in the actual books. Definitely lives up to the hype and I highly recommend for some wholesome and cozy autumn reading!

Royal City Vol. 1: Next of Kin by Jeff Lemire
Royal City Vol. 1" Next of Kin

I am starting to believe that Jeff Lemire can do now wrong. I picked this up on a whim but it ended up being a better choice than I anticipated. The story of a family coming together after their father has had a stroke. They are all dealing with their own demons and the ending made me immediately put the next two volumes on hold at the library. I really like Lemire because, even when I least expect it, I turn the page and BOOM, I identify with everything this character just said. He has such real and relatable characters. His artwork is this book is as beautiful as ever. I’ve always loved his style and it’s half the reason I pick up his books. I am very much looking forward to the next two volumes.

— Crystal

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What great books have you read lately? Let us know in the comments!

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