Cassidy Blake Read-Along, Week 2: City Of Ghosts, Chapters 15 - 27 [End]

By: Shanleigh Klassen Photo By: @a.o.tales

"I believe there’s something left behind when a person goes, a kind of memory. I’ve lived too long in this city not to believe it. ” - Victoria Schwab

Welcome back, ghost hunters, to week 2 of the OwlCrate Jr Cassidy Blake series read-along! This is a SPOILER discussion for the conclusion of City of Ghosts. If you haven't read chapters 15 -27 just yet, please look away until you're ready to join in on our discussion. You have until midnight on February 14th to participate for this week.

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The story so far...
Chatting with Lara, Cassidy learns that the purpose for "in-betweeners" is to free the spirits trapped in the Veil. Lara walks Cassidy through sending her first ghost on, but warns Cassidy to guard her thread of life against spirits that would otherwise do her harm. The warning comes too late as the Raven in Red soon snatches Jacob beyond the Veil to lure Cassidy away from her parents, and tears Cassidy’s blue-white ribbon of life from her chest. Like Jacob, Cassidy is now something in between life and death, and trapped behind the Veil in the real city of ghosts. 


Lara reveals that the Raven will most likely attempt to use Cassidy’s life thread to bring herself back from the dead, so the three reluctant friends work together to stop the Raven’s plan. After battling the ghosts of the Raven’s previous victims and with Cassidy quickly running out of time, Cassidy succeeds in reclaiming her life thread (now a bit worse for wear) against all odds and defeats the Raven, but her precious camera is broken in the process. Before leaving Scotland, Cassidy is gifted a new camera lens and has her photos from the trip developed. Oddly, Jacob now seems to almost show up in one. But with no time to waste, Cassidy and her family head to the airport for their next adventure.

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Question 1: Cassidy went through quite a lot in these chapters! Which moment shocked or surprised you the most, and why?

Question 2: Cassidy’s life thread was damaged in her fight with the Raven in Red. How do you think this will affect Cassidy in the next book? How will it affect her long term?

Question 3: Cassidy's camera has gotten a bit of a ghostly upgrade. If you had a camera that could photograph anything, what would that be?

Question 4 - For New Readers: Next week, we start on Tunnel of Bones. What do you hope to see in the next book of the Cassidy Blake series?

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