Cassidy Blake Read-Along, Week 4: Tunnel of Bones, Chapters 15 - 29 [End]

By: Shanleigh Klassen Photo By: @babs.books

“...I retreat, realizing with horror that the Catacombs have never been that empty. They were just asleep.” - Victoria Schwab

Chers lecteurs, bienvenue to the fourth and final week of the OwlCrate Jr Cassidy Blake series read-alongThis is a SPOILER discussion for the conclusion of Tunnel of Bones. If you haven't read chapters 15 - 29 just yet, please look away until you're ready to join in on our discussion. You have until midnight on February 28th to participate for this week. 

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Photo from @babs.books
[ID: Unboxing photo, showing the book Tunnel of Bones, a choose-your-own-adventure style book, a red tote bag with a quote in white, a black cat stuffie, a mirror pendant necklace in a box, stickers featuring imagery of Paris and Edinburgh respectively, and an author letter.]

The story so far…
Thanks to her father’s research, Cassidy knows the name of the poltergeist is Thomas Alain Laurent, a 7-year-old boy who went into the tombs with his older brother Richard in 1912, and never came back out. With further info from Lara, Cassidy and Jacob (along with their Parisian host Pauline) head off to visit Richard’s granddaughter. There, Cassidy meets Richard’s great-granddaughter Adele Laurent who finds Cassidy amusing and decides to tag along. Thomas’ angry spirit is now wreaking havoc all across the city, and Adele then regals the truth of Thomas’ tragic story.

Knowing that Cassidy must head back into the Catacombs to face off against Thomas, she reluctantly destroys her parent’s earlier footage, forcing them to slap together a re-shoot for later that night. Back in the tunnels, Cassidy and Jacob enter the Veil and face off against an increasingly angry and powerful Thomas. Together, Cassidy and Jacob are able to remind Thomas of his life, calming him down from poltergeist to ghost, and Cassidy releases his spirit. The next day, Jacob tells Cassidy of his own death for the first time, not wanting to become like Thomas.

As Cassidy, her parents, Jacob, and Grim wait for a train to the airport, Cassidy spots a sinister-looking man in a black suit and skull mask staring at her from across the platform. A person that no one else is able to see...


When answering the discussion questions below or commenting on this post, please include both your name and email address (or a parent’s email address). Email addresses WILL NOT show up publicly and will only be used by us to contact you in the event you win.

Question 1: What was your favourite part of Tunnel of Bones and why?

Question 2: Now that you've read both City of Ghosts and Tunnel of Bones, who are your favourite characters?

Question 3: What are your biggest questions going into Bridge of Souls? What do you want to see most in the next book?

Question 4: We went to Edinburgh in City of Ghosts, then Paris in Tunnel of Bones, and Bridge of Souls will take us to New Orleans. What other city would you like to see Cassidy and her family visit next?

Bonus Question: Is there a spooky story from your own hometown? Tell us about it!

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