Everything You Need to Know About January's SCALES & SMOKE theme!

By: Sally White

Here is what you can expect to find inside our January 2023 box . . .

Set foot in a land of dragons, witches, and magic next month! 

About the book:

Our first book of 2023 is a timeless fantasy debut that follows four unlikely heroes, bound together to save their world! Fans of How To Train Your Dragon, Wings of Fire, and The Nightsilver Promise will love this multi-POV adventure!

The OwlCrate Jr edition comes with a signed bookplate and letter from the author, plus an exclusive reading guide!

Want to know the book we're including? Check out our spoiler page HERE!

About the goodies:

Items included will be inspired by Wings Of Fire, How To Train Your Dragon and The Neverending Story! It is full to the brim with fun and will make a perfect gift for the reader in your life.

Sneak peek #1: 

Every 2023 box will include a beautiful enamel collectible designed by Jane Mount, creator of Ideal Bookshelf! We are proud to say we have been working with her for the last several months to bring our 2023 books to life for our subscribers! These will be limited run and most likely not available for purchase after the fact in our shop.

Jane is an illustrator/designer/writer/thingmaker, and particularly makes many things for people who love books. If you have been in a bookstore/on bookstagram/generally around for the last 10+ years, there is a good chance you’ve seen her beautiful Ideal Bookshelf spine paintings or seen her incredible book cover pins.

Sneak peek #2:

Every January box will include the first of a series of 4 snack bowls designed by Andrew Kolb! We borrowed this idea from OwlCrate after their ceramic LOTR bowls were such a massive fan favorite. The OwlCrate Jr bowls will be even better for a younger crowd (*ahem, more drop resistant*)

We love working with Andrew and do it every chance we can, as you can see by the variety of projects shown here! Each bowl will be inspired by a different fandom and be united as a fun set by Andrew’s signature style

Sneak peek #3:

Every box will include an item illustrated by @bookofkellz, inspired by a fan favorite literary dragon. This item will be perfect for book dragons, young and old.Any guesses who it might be?? Hint: it’s NOT Smaug


We have worked with Kelly Leigh Miller several times over the past few years and just love sharing her designs with you. The illustration pictured here was featured on an Inkheart-inspired bookmark in our ‘Creativity Conquers All’ box! 

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