On The 5th Day Of Magic, Ozwald Gave To Me…

We are so happy Marlena loved the design on this tumbler. It was an item we were really excited about and we love how it turned out - and we also love that little mushroom!

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We hope you enjoy your Fabled Drinking Tumbler!


Heading out for a walk in a winter wonderland? Strolling through a magical forest? Pop a warm drink in your new insulated tumbler to keep yourself warm!

We worked with the wonderful and talented Maria at Maria Boutin Illustration (@besitosandgiggles) and are so happy with her work on this design. We were a bit obsessed with it from the beginning.

A Peek Behind the Scenes…

“With our Timeless Tales theme, we wanted to incorporate as many elements of the mythological as possible — and what could be more legendary than the tales of old that sprouted so many of the stories that we love today?”    -Shanleigh

There were a few early designs for our little tumbler but the elements were constant. Shanleigh and Maria were the key players behind this item and they were a solid team. They played with image placement and colour palettes, and tweaked a few things. Looking at the finished product, the images are so vibrant against the white background and the pattern itself is practically seamless (at least I can't tell when the design begins and ends).

“The inspiration for this design comes from classic folklore and the mythology behind faerie flora. In these tales, usually found in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England, the fae are often shown to be vulnerable to silver and iron, therefore the weaponry featured on this tumbler is made of gold. Similarly, many of the flowers that appear are of special importance to the fae, such as foxglove (the florets are often worn by smaller faeries), pansies (used in a love potion by King Oberon), and daisies (daisy chains are used as a form of protection against the fae).

I was so excited to work with Maria on this design as her art lends so perfectly to the vision we had for this item. Maria’s art is magical, whimsical, and she was an absolute delight to work with."

- Shanleigh

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